Thursday 17 September 2015

Various Artists - "A Classic Slice Of Teenage Angst (Volume 1)" (A Classic slice of teenage angst fanzine) 1979

I never thought I'd ever hear anything else from the 'From Chorley demo taaape',as made famous on fast Product's "Earcom 3", with the DIY classic "Tablecloth".Behold!There's another track on this fanzine compilation tape,and they stick faithfully to the kitchen theme with the very similar sounding, "Hate the Kitchen"; sung in that familiar Chorley accent,like a post punk Billy Casper (Kes). DIY gold!
From Chorley's appearance is worth the entrance fee alone, but we have others; the abstract musique concrete of Coventry ZZZ, the radio four play for today indie of Paul Cookson and Lerraine Hickey (absolutely love 'isn't it Strange', kinda like that Sudden Sway peel session,but without the humour); There's White Steel, who sound like a meatier From Chorley; The Manchester Mekon needs no introduction to followers of this blog; Restless Day were on the Camouflage Nebula tape,think northern krautrock tradition;Anthrax for the People and a couple of other half competent beat combo's make up the numbers nicely.
All this interspersed by sixth form poetry delivered in an monotonous apathetic Kevin the Teenager style,all designed to introduce the bands to the punters. A muffled splash of interviews complete the picture, making this a fascinating insight into the foggy world of DIY land in 1979.The monotone compare/sixth form poet,even alludes to Earcom 4 style ambitions,which isn't far off the mark.

NB :For those retro tech fans, there's even a computer programme for your C64 or ZX,so prime your play and record fingers,and get this onto a cassette and tell us all what the fuck it is!

Track Listing:

1- The Mysterons - Intro theme
2- Unknown - Intro
3- Mr Domestes & The Bok-Mystery Band
4- Mr Domestes & The Bok - Uri Geller Song
5- Mr Domestes & The Bok - Happy Birthday
6- Unknown - Manchester Mekon Intro
7- The Manchester Mekon - Ignorance of the Crunds
8- About the Manchester Mekon
9- The Manchester Mekon - Filmusic
10- More about the Manchester Mekon
11- The Manchester Mekon - The Idle Gnome Exhibition
12- Unknown - Blond Hair and Acne
13- The Manchester Mekon - Cadiz
14- Talking
15- The Manchester Mekon - the Impossible Air-Sea rescue
16- Restless Day Intro
17- Restless Day - Autopilot One
18- Restless Day - Zone
19- Anthrax for the People intro
20- Anthrax for the People - OK man ,its your world
21- Coventry ZZZ  intro
22- Coventry ZZZ - Sub Lead
23- Coventry ZZZ - Rediscovered Idealism no.3
24- Les Weebs Intro
25- Les weebs - Hooray For Hollywood
26- Les weebs - Pratfall
27- The Mysterons Intro
28- The Mysterons - On The Beach
29- Bryan Talbot Intro
30- Bryan Talbot - Alternative comix
31- From Chorley Intro
32- From Chorley - Hate the Kitchen
33- Computer Programme
34- Paul Cookson and Lerraine Hickey intro
35- Paul Cookson and Lerraine Hickey - To Ashes
36- Paul Cookson and Lerraine Hickey - Isn't It strange?
37 - Paul Cookson and Lerraine Hickey -the Monk
38 - White Steel intro
39- White Steel - The little Green men have Landed
40- White steel - God's gift To mankind
41- Outro

DOWNLOAD a classic sliced up mp3 file HERE!


Edfray said...

Thanks. I was totally unaware of this sh*t. 1979 saw me earnestly achieving drone-hood and fulfilled by Led Zep and VH1. I promise to listen.

Jonny Zchivago said...

I don't think i even heard Led Zep,outside of the Top of the Pops theme(which was by CCS anyway)until the nineties.This sh*t is about as far away as you can get from stadium cock rock.

Ric Euteneuer said...

I bought this cassette from one of the bands on this recording - the Manchester Mekon. They went on to be on a couple of other Mancunian compilations and released a poorly recorded but great single called "No Forgetting". A mate of mine released a track by them on a compilation EP and then they just petered out.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Hi, yeah, got all the Manchester Mekon stuff on a search.

Twite Wheels said...

White Steel were the greatest band ever to play in Dave Sharples’ mum’d kitchen in Bamber Bridge.