Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Throbbing Gristle ‎– "New T.G. 2" (Self Released) 1982

The follow up C-60 to "New TG 1",which contains more the same jamming improv from some early session from 1976 to 78.Among the odd future 'Hit',like 'Slug Bait' and '(We hate You)Little Girls';are some urban ethnic moments fused with some of Carter's bedroom Tangerine Dream-isms, while P-Orridge waffles on through that Roland Space Echo that appears on virtually every TG track.
Interesting stuff,finding our cuddly Industrial pioneers searching for an identity,and by jiminy, do they find it......but not necessarily on New TG 1 or 2; but the foundations are there that will launch more imitators than the Sex Pistols or Kraftwerk put together.
(Thanks is due to Mr Stephen Surreal for sourcing this treasure)


A Untitled

B Untitled

DOWNLOAD some old new TG too HERE!


slacker said...

Wow, another one I didn't know existed! Thanks for this.

Bodhi Amol said...

Finally it is really Vol.2....
Over the years i downloaded three versions of this that turned out to be Vol 1 in the end,but this is the real thing!Thanks very much-and in return here is the the second tape that TG recorded with Albrecht D in the Death Factory,this time from 23.07.1976.Together with the one from 30.07.76 posted here on this blog already there is only one missing now.