Saturday, 7 March 2015

Merzbow ‎– "The Lampinak" (ZSF Produkt) 1985

From what was previously thought of as the worst year for music since 1975;but turned out to be better than any year between 1988 and 2015.From 1985 sprung forth another Merzbow cassette.Like the failing machine in the Eraserhead factory it scrapes,crackles and splutters.Droning with distorted fried circuitry squealing a death rattle of cruel reality.The artwork suggests that this is Masami's "Watership Down", with the main theme of pitilessness in the natural and non-natural world made real by the searing noise avalanche making your sub-woofers bounce in and out like a child's trampoline. In this version Hazel disembowels himself rather than be torn to pieces slowly by The 'Generals' "Ethnic Cleansing Death Squads".Helplessly entombed in a collapsing rabbit hole, Bigwig and the rest of the rabbits gasp for air as the warren is filled with Zyklon B. Kehar,the Seagull has switched sides after being paid; and the 'General' begins the clampdown for his Rodent Dystopia.
Just replace the Rabbits with Humanity,and the noise begins to make sense.


A1 The Lampinak
A2 Serpent Power
A3 Live At House
A4 Carcas On The Floor
A5 Village Of 8 Graves
B1 5th Innocent Victim
B2 Zykle
B3 Invocation
B4 Nym Ma Pa

DOWNLOAD the sound of fluffy bunnies performing Seppuku (切腹) HERE!


slacker said...

Hey Jonny, I was (unsuccessfully) on the trail of some Go Team cassette rips the other day when I happened across this lot, stashed away in the wayback machine thought it might be of interest to your good self?

Jonny Zchivago said...

mon dieu! Tis Industrial cassette Heaven? I remember this site when it had its own domain,then it stopped. I will have to dip into this somewhat.
I don't have any Go Team by the way.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Blimey! Its even got stored pages from my old deleted version of Die or DIY? i can retrieve some my old bitter scribblings.Such fun!

Bubotu Cotumbo said...
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slacker said...

^^^ Why thank you, good Sir!

badgerstump said...

What's the atheist equivalent of Holy Shit?

I have several hundred Merzbows. I didn't have this! Dave, I'm your wife now...

... and then slacker drops that bomb as well. Not marrying him tho', I'm a monogamyst kinda boy...

Jonny Zchivago said...

There almost certainly is no holy shit?....not quite as concise, but succinct and to the point.

Pleased I had a Merzbow that has widened your Merzbow experience by a small percentage.

as for Slacker....the boy done good.

ksentner said...

This download starts off with Loops In Flames from Agni Hotra? Is this just the tracks from the Lampinak portion of the Merzbox padded with Agni Hotra tracks to just make it seem like it's the original, full cassette?
I just find it weird that he would include a 12-minute track from another album under a different name to start the album off. Or maybe this is why the Merzbox disc for The Lampinak is "incomplete," because it wouldn't make sense to have the same track twice from a different release?

Jonny Zchivago said...

I Have no idea.
Can't remember where i got this from.
It all sounds the same anyway,so who cares.