Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Recursos Ajenos / Tecnica Material ‎– "84 - 86 / Espectros" (IEP ‎– IEP 105) 1986

Luis Mesa does his best Residents(without the singing) impression as Recursos Ajenos on side A.Nine minimal bontempi organ ditties,that wouldn't have been out of place in  Eraserhead.
On side B he hooks up with his compadre from Madrid, Miguel A. Ruiz, for some more conventional Industrialised electronica.


Recursos Ajenos: 84-86
A1 Cántico I
A2 Mi Muñeca
A3 Baile En Las Cavernas
A4 Gatos
A5 El Velatorio
A6 Un Mar Verde
A7 Le Soleil
A8 Nana
A9 Cántico II

Tecnica Material: Espectros
B1 Not Apartheid
B2 Solo De Mañana
B3 Insuficiencia
B4 Los Que Sufren
B5 Union Carbide
B6 A Mil Kilómetros
B7 Espectros

DOWNLOAD recursos material HERE!


Carlo said...

In my humble opinion, this is the best cassette from IEP catalogue.
Thank you.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Excellent as this is Carlo,I have gone for Alquimia Detras as my personal fav.If that counts for anything?