Friday, 27 March 2015

Minóy\Zannóy - "Caught In The Throat Of The Beast" (ZH27 ‎– 425) 1989

Music from the Rail terminal at the edge of the universe,with indecipherable announcements gasping for air in between the waves of teeth grinding metal fatigue. The speaker system in the infinite waiting room struggles to convey the directions to which we are all heading,be it Oblivion, Hell, Heaven  ,or to repeat it all over again as a Slug. The musical interludes are reminiscent  of  Holgar Czukay's experiments with found radio voices, and the way they disappear beneath the audible range remind one of Gavin Bryars' "The Sinking of the Titanic".
This is my favourite Minóy\Zannóy collaboration, less jet engine in a tunnel with more subtlety and space;allowing the weirdness to breathe.


1- Caught in the Throat Of The Beast (30:46)

DOWNLOAD a Heimlich manoeuvre on the beast HERE!

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