Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Bodycocktail - "Many See Lies" (ZH27 - Bodycocktail #23) 1996

Hoffman's dysfunctional journey into the realm of 'Pop' takes the form of his Bodycocktail project.Described by the man himself as "bent-out-of-shape proto new wave",since 1993 he has released close to 200 Bodycocktail releases;and continues to play many live shows all over the civilised world,in several languages.
The music on "Many See Lies",the 23rd Bodycocktail release, has wonderful drifting time signatures that make it impossible to dance to in a conventionally funky way. Full of human inconsistencies with no attempt to 'tidy' them up to the modern standards of machine music....this is how it was entered on the computer.
Zan's voice reminds one of the kind of singer you'd hear in a Futurist/New Romantic group around 1981,like Classix Nouveaux,but obviously devoid of any pretentiousness
I was playing this the other day and my girlfriend asked me,"Doesn't this get on your fucking nerves?".
I didn't answer,but it probably outstayed its welcome after about twenty minutes.....but then again nearly everything does.That's why Teenage Jesus and The Jerks never played longer than 20 minutes; a natural timespan for the art of 'Pop'.

Tracklist :

1 Woman Looking At A Vase Of Flowers
2 Picking Up Poochies
3 Neversink
4 (Time To Say) Bye Bye
5 Loopy Zinnerhyme
6 Music Uplifted (Muted)
7 Collect All 23

DOWNLOAD this unfunky cocktail HERE!


Jreeves said...

I'd like to hear this item, but the link is inactive.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Sorry,i've been in a rush all day,must have forgot to make the link....its available now.

bill said...

Amazing music for the 1990s. Sounds to me like it's ten years too late, but none the worse for that. Thanks as ever JZ!

Jonny Zchivago said...

I think Bodycocktail started in 93,and is still going strong.He just finished a tour of Spain. Such endless creativity,and totally ignored by virtually everyone.

Anonymous said...

This is incredible. Thanks!