Saturday, 14 March 2015

Merzan / Zanmerz ‎– "Hell City And GoGoCrash" (Tonspur Tapes ‎– TT 43 /ZH27 016) 1991

There aren't many artists in the cassette culture universe that Zan Hoffman hasn't collaborated with in his 27 years of sonic exploration; and Merz,or luis Mesa isn't one of them. Under the merged oneness  of Merzan/Zanmerz they combined by sending each other tapes in the post,an extension of the Mail Art umbrella. Essentially,this is basically a Merz track on side A, and Zan Hoffman remixing soundsources from Minoy,Agog,1348,Merz,and himself,to create something unique and extraordinary on side B.
The humour of Zan Hoffman is always to the fore on any of his thousands of releases,and he always has a talent for a funny title or two. Its a whirlpool of unexpected and unconnected sound bytes,swirling in an unstructured soup of effects and mixer manipulation.This has more in common with free jazz than any other experimental musics. Anything goes in the search for the 13th note when Hoffman's in town.


A Hell City
B1 She Plays A Mean Car Crash
B2 Gogominoymadreadmetal

"Hell City", composed by Merz in Madrid, 1991.
"She plays a mean car crash", recorded by Zan in Louky. Featuring "no title" (Merz), How loops, Agog viola, John Wiggins (fresh wig), Runzlestirn & Gurglestock.
"Gogominoymadreadmetal" (remixed 11/17/1991), featuring 1348, Merz, Minóy & Anika.

DOWNLOAD this car crash of a cassette HERE!