Sunday, 8 March 2015

Merz ‎– "Justicia Divina" (IEP ‎– IEP 01) 1983

Well we've had Merz-Bow, now we naturally must move on,or backwards, to Merz, and some Spanish Industrial noise.
Luis Mesa is Merz (Not to be confused with Protag's side project of the same name),and he produced plenty of minimal distorted noisescapes around the mid eighties.This being the earliest from 1983.
Various droning synths,and found sounds are all fed through some budget distortion unit and manipulated well into the VU red zone. At times it sound quite like those spy transmissions on short wave radio,best heard on the Conet Project,but glitched up into a grinding noise not too far removed from a pitchshifted dentists drill approaching your healthy tooth next to the rotten one.


A1 Carne Para El Matadero
A2 Penitencia I
A3 Fisura En El Cerebro
A4 Líbano
A5 Sexta Edición
B1 Matando Ancianos
B2 Penitencia II
B3 Justicia Divina
B4 Penitencia III
B5 Perdón, Señor

DOWNLOAD some pain from the plain in spain HERE!


Carlo said...

Luis Mesa/ Merz is one of my favourites artists.
Here a list of releases I'm looking for:
Luis Mesa - Alquimia Detras
Luis Mesa - Arqueotomia
Merz - Bustos
Merz - Sonido Directo n°1
Merz/ Recursos Ajenos - Una Exposicion
Thank you for sharing.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Hi carlo,
its your lucky day,
I have all of the Merz/Luis Mesa releases you listed.They will be posted over the next week.
All in 320k.

Gluzd said...

!!! Really missed you!

Jonny Zchivago said...

Why? Where have I been?

Gluzd said...

:) Там, где и было нужно!
+ Merz – "Bustos" (IEP) 1985
Огромное Спасибо!!!

Jonny Zchivago said...

Это я с удовольствием
Jonny Z

badgerstump said...

"Why? Where have I been?" Ah fuck, that's funny!

Manel said...

Thank you very kindly for all the Luis Mesa stuff, greatly appreciated