Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Minóy\Zannóy - "Zemzimmazu-kerzanminoy!" (Elavation of Anxiety EOA 11) 1987

Is it me or are all these Minóy\Zannóy tapes starting to sound the same? Is this another jet engine powered vacuum cleaner set to warp 9, sucking all life from a subterranean tunnel system?...well...yes!...But it sounds so fucking good.Its a classic sound,that ranks up there with the Mini-Moog bass, Overdriven Guitar power chords,TR808 handclaps,and Jean Jacques Burnel's fucked up speaker cab. Don't mess with the classics and they'll always serve you well, be it Godzilla's paint stripping scream, Doc Martin's, the Tardis's appearing/disappearing noise (Courtesy of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop), or a cheeky Trilby hat,worn at a jaunty angle.Get the picture?
Track 1, "Zemzimmazu" certainly displays that classic V2 underground test bunker vibe,that is Minóy and Zan Hoffman's default setting. VU meter's well into the red,saturating the cassette tape into a murky soup of rampaging debris,not unlike an audio version of those amateur video's of the Japanese Tsunami.
Track 2,Kerzanminoise,is slightly different;with quite a few minutes of a more ambient approach.Like an ethereal electric milk float in a smaller Hurricane,a few miles from landfall. Then around 9 minutes in, the main storm hits,picking the milk float up and smashing it against the wall of good taste,which collapses letting every enlightened idea ever repressed by accepted 'norms' to come flooding out to infect our children.
Consider yourself infected.


1 - Zemzimmazu (29:39)
2 - Kerzanminoise (29:32)

DOWNLOAD the liberating noise of engine failure HERE!

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