Sunday, 15 March 2015

Merzan / Zanmerz ‎– "Frightened And Ecrasez L'Infâme" (ZH27 ‎– 010) 1992

This works more as a collaboration than the previous two cassettes by Merzan/Zanmerz.Whereas the earlier tapes sounded like two separate sides by two different artists,this one merges far more as an album.
The side mixed by Luis Mesa is more of a conventional scraping drone,like claws down a blackboard;but,again the Zan Hoffman mix side is far more inventive.It takes you in several unexpected directions,twisting and squirming like a trapped eel out of water.Always maintaining the listeners interest,rather than being bored by another Drone.

Arranged By, Mixed By – Luis Mesa (tracks: A), Zan Hoffman (tracks: B)Featuring [Audio Sources] – Merz , Zanstones

A  Merzan Frightened 29:01
B  Zanmerz Ecrasez L'Infâme 31:16

DOWNLOAD L'Infame,L'Infame,they've alllll got it In fer me! HERE!

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