Thursday, 12 March 2015

Luis Mesa ‎– "Arqueotomia" (Grand Mal Edicions) 1986

A C1....yes you read it right....a C1,not a C90,which lasts 90 minutes,but a C1 that lasts one minute!
Two 30 second bursts of noise,to be played on an auto-reverse cassette deck making a continuous loop with a theoretical time length of Infinity.
I have made a short 6 minute loop edit for those of you without an auto-reverse iPod,so you can get a taster without listening to it for eternity. Either a statement on the finite constraints of time,or on the freedom we deny ourselves to choose when to end something that can never be eternal,be it life or a chrom-dioxide tape that will eventually wear out before you press the stop button.


1 Arqueotomia 1  
2 Arqueotomia 2

3 Arqueotomia 3 (Die or Diy? bonus loop edit)

DOWNLOAD a moment when analogue is incompatable with digital HERE!


Carlo said...

Insane item!
Thank you.

Alan Burns said...

Brilliant! Just one of many reasons why cassettes were so unique and irreplaceable.

Jonny Zchivago said...

I suppose this is the cassette equivalent of the lock groove on a vinyl LP? They both can't be done in the digital this advancement?

Vaykorus said...