Thursday, 19 September 2019

Goblin ‎– "Suspiria" (Cinevox ‎– MDF 33.108) 1977

Oooooh ya! Scary movie! With soundtrack by Italian Proggers Goblin;heard previously on the classic "Profondo Rosso" soundtrack.
Which I've never seen.Also never seen "Suspiria" sadly, as i'm desensitized to,the so-called 'horror' genre....and allergic to sub-titles, and/or dubbing.
No horror movie can possibly approach anywhere near the true Horror of reality.Compared to that this movie has to be micky mouse stuff. Although, having said that,the allegations i've heard about the shenanegans that went on in the actual Micky Mouse club, maybe that isn't an adjective one should use in this case.
Now then, music can get pretty disturbing.It leaves the horror to the imagination,same as does literature. The real bowel dropping fear exists only in our own minds and in the ruthless darkness of the natural world. 
That screaming woman on the rear cover is a depressingly familiar sight whenever a pretty lady is confronted by the naked 'moi'. But a quick burst of goblin will soon put that right.However, making sweet lurve to the 'Suspiria' soundtrack is not exactly recommended.Barry White it is not.
Goblin goes experimental on this one,producing something along the lines of The Exorcist crossed with The Forbidden Planet and Blade Runner. The child-like,music box melody of the main theme is an often-used tactic to loosen the remains of yesterdays dinner ,and works very nicely here again.It's a classic piece of creeping evil.
I know what you're all asking...."Do we get any proper PROG maaaan?";....well yeah we do, but you have to wait for the "Black Forest/Blind Concert" section for that joyous moment,that has a slight 'Dirty Harry' feel about it,which we all know, is a GOOD thing?


1 Suspiria 6:00
2 Witch 3:11
3 Opening To The Sighs 0:31
4 Sighs 5:16
5 Markos 4:04
6 Black Forest 6:06
7 Blind Concert 6:13
8 Death Valzer 1:50
9 Suspiria (Celesta & Bells) 1:33
10 Suspiria (Narration) 1:46
11 Suspiria (Intro) 0:32
12 Markos (Alternate Version) 4:09
13 Suspiria (Alternate Take) 3:50


Moahaha said...

If you ever were to give any of the Argento/Goblin-collaborations a chance I think Profondo Rosso is far superior to Supsiria. Both are esthetically spectacular but none of them actually scary (ok perhaps a scene or two are slightly uncmfortable, but that's about it). The former has a really nice atmosphere throughout and features some great, campy acting while the latter is charming but silly - and lacks a story (I still like it a lot, though).

If you haven't already at least check out the best ever opening scene and just watch it as a music video (not the best quality, but it was the one I could find):

Jonny Zchivago said...

Ok, i'll secretly watch Profondo Rosso,but still insist that I haven't in public....I've got an image to uphold y'know!
If it doesn't fit my trash aesthetic I'll hold you personally responsible!