Wednesday, 18 September 2019

Il Rovescio Della Medaglia ‎– Contaminazione (RCA Italiana ‎– DPSL 10593) 1973

RDM's third album sees them dabbling with 'aren't we clever fuckers' ELP territory,always a damgerous game.
It contains four pieces from Bach's "Well-tempered Clavier" seamlessly integrated with RDM's own Symphonic Rock beefed up with the arrangements of Oscar nominated Argentinian Spaghetti Western Soundtrack composer, Luis Bacalov. I don't think this collaboration was used as a soundtrack,but i could be wrong? If I am ,don't tell me! The world's overflowing with too much information and far too much choise as it is.Leave me just a little bit of mystery to make life magical once more please!?...he pleaded in vain!


A1 Absent For This Consumed World 0:57
A2 Ora Non Ricordo Più 1:44
A3 Il Suono Del Silenzio 5:07
A4 Mi Sono Svegliato E.. Ho Chiuso Gli Occhi 4:11
A5 Lei Sei Tu: Lei 1:59
A6 La Mia Musica 3:57
B1 Johann 1:20
B2 Scotland Machine 3:01
B3 Cella 503 3:12
B4 Contaminazione 1760 1:03
B5 Alzo Un Muro Elettrico 2:47
B6 Sweet Suite 2:13
B7 La Grande Fuga 3:32


northfieldhat said...

so true. Do you ever see a 70's or 40's movie and
kind of luxuriate in the feeling of not being connected? All the characters have is a phone, and no answering machine. And mostly nobody died.

Jonny Zchivago said...

That sounds like my kind of plot, 2 dimensional characters,no dialogue, something unspoken exists outside frame, and it just ends.
Thats how i like my music too i guess?

Looking at your tag name...i guess you won't want any Canterbury prog posts in the distant future?....i am doing some EGG i pfink.