Wednesday, 25 September 2019

Locomotiv GT ‎– "Bummm!" (Pepita ‎– SLPX 17467) 1973

It's the Iron Curtain Village People! The one on the left is a Leninist Architect from  Hungarian Special Forces, the one in the dungerees is a highly decorated Plumber, moonlighting in the Polit Bureau. Then we have Gabor, he's a state dentist and concrete technician, and the last one on the right isn't in the band at all, he's a secret policeman following the other three,taking notes and logging their sex lives for future blackmail useages.It ain't called 'Bummmm' for nothing y'know!
Formed by ex-members of Hungarian Prog nancy boys Omega,(Sorry, the Omega post has been removed due to a DCMA copyright violation????Though who'd want to copy that I'd like to see their psychological profiling?) Locomotiv GT wanted to 'butch' it up a fraction,get rocking,and wear western clothing.They certainly knew how to have fun in the Communist Bloc,but these chaps were disappointingly lacking in essential Polit Bureau Chic.Their purpose may have well have been to infiltrate the evil western youth culture and when they were number one on zer billboard chart-ess, call for that longed for socialist revolution.
The only thing wrong with that plan was that they were Shit!
They certainly try very hard ,but fail, to 'Kék Asszony' in the same way le Royaume-Uni fails to kick ass on the Eurovision Song Contest while the former Soviet Bloc states chuckle heartily at our dismal attempts at talent show Schlager pop.Don't be surprised to see Locomotiv GT ,reformed and rockin' at the next Eurovision,and....WINNING!
"You may have zer Beatles but vee hapf zer Locomotiv GT....vee arse laffink out loud hahahahahaaaaaaa!" said the Norwegian judge; the same one that commentated on the 2-1 defeat of England in world cup qualifying in 1981....check this out HERE!

NB. You won't believe this but the previous post of very shit Hungarian prog ice dancers, Omega, has been pulled due to a DMCA complaint!?... those communists eh? The cover was funny anyhow so i'll put a link here so you don't miss out.


A1 Ringasd El Magad 4:50
A2 Kék Asszony 3:30
A3 Gyere, Gyere Ki A Hegyoldalba 2:45
A4 Visszamegyek A Falumba 4:00
A5 Bárzene 4:15
B1 Ő Még Csak Most 14. 3:45
B2 Szabadíts Meg 3:40
B3 Vallomás 3:55
B4 Mondd Mire Van 2:35
B5 Miénk Itt A Tér 3:00


rev.b said...

ssssssssssss swell.

jonny zchivago said...

The big laugh is that parent Group Omega have made a complaint against my generous posting of their absurd music....either that or those lovely fellows at Ultima Thule moaning about the generous link i made for their mail order site!?
I shall miss their attractive synthetic silk outfits sob!

rev.b said...

Really??!? Wow. I'll be happy to send them the copy I downloaded if it'll make them feel better. 'Hey, that's MY shite!'