Monday, 30 September 2019

Various ‎Artists – "Ритмическая Гимнастика (Aerobic Exercises)" (Мелодия ‎– C60 21591 005) 1985

"This disc prepared by "Melodia" together with the USSR Sport Committee will replace the teacher. This record is the first in the series of programmes in aerobics, intended for collective, individual and even family exercises." says on the cover.
Replace the Teacher?....what happened to her?
Reassigned to do important heroic work treating radiation burns at Chernobyl no doubt?She's now long dead after contracting Non-Hodgkinsons Lymphoma at the age of 29.Then posthumously decorated as a Hero of the Soviet Union before being cremated as a radiation hazard.
The image of Jane Fondski on the cover clashes with my preferred vision of a Soviet Aerobics Instructor. A steroided up brute of a woman with a five o'clock shadow,stuffed into a uniform,stomping through the exercises wearing jackboots and a scowl.
I certainly feel a need to obey the voice on the record, if only I knew what the fuck shes banging on about.
The dialogue set over the top of some elevator synth pop could easily have been something that Jim Whelton ,of Homosexuals/Die Trip Computer Die fame, would have made back in the eighties as L Voag or Gus Coma. Far weirder than anything Nurse With Wound could have hoped to have made back in the day.But it was just another day in the asbestos factory for the Melodja back room staff.
You may think me in need of,or already on medication, but I play this album a lot....its out there maaaaan!


A1 К Звездам (Towards The Stars) 1:02
A2 Сафари (Safari) 3:47
A3 Игра (Game) 1:21
A4 В Движении (On The Move) 2:18
A5 Заход Солнца (Sunset) 3:58
A6 Танец (Dance) 2:06
A7 Веретено (Spindle) 2:11
A8 К Звездам (Towards The Stars) 1:05
B1 Интродукция (Introduction) 1:43
B2 Просто Так (Just So) 2:29
B3 Ралли (Rally) 2:12
B4 Ручей (Stream) 1:47
B5 Аттракцион (Attraction) 2:18
B6 К Звездам (Towards The Stars) 3:03
B7 Мираж (Mirage) 3:35
B8 В Движении (On The Move) 1:23


Kuken said...

"400 Bad Request" it says, and me who wanted some russkie omoh exercise...buuhäää, damn.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Sorry about that fixed the link. I suspect some dodgy anti-western hacking that fucked up the link....can't these former soviets take a joke?

snoopy said...


kevinesse said...

This is the greatest of all music mankind has ever produced or that I have heard. Plus it reminds me of TG....thanks!

Jonny Zchivago said...

I think you're right Kevinesse....i put TG as a sound-a-likey, but erased it and put Nurse With Wound instead.....fed up of using TG as a reference,its like using The Beatles as a comparison for pop groups.
Was it you who wants Elvis Costello at Rockpalaast 1978?....well yeah I do have that funnily enough...i'll get round to uploading it for ya!...wot service.

MrDave said...

How did I live without this?!?! I now am join comrades in make body and thinking strong like bear!!!

kevinesse said...

hooray on elvis request....saw a video of the show and it was smooookin

Jonny Zchivago said...

Dear Kevin, i am uploading it. Declan seems to having tuning issues,standard Jazzmaster problem i found.Stick with Japanese guitars I say.....will put link here,and on the Live in Leicester post.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Here it is:

kevinesse said...

oh man! thanks!

kevinesse said...

ha! but he handles it....and there noisy improvvy parts............and the band! wonder if he ditched them because he is def. only 25% of this performance!

rev.b said...

It would be great to get a translation of what the motivational speaker/cheerleader is saying. I’m sure it's inspiring. *Dance young comrades. Grow strong for Sport Committee to represent nation to world. If that not work, we pump you full of growth hormone. Same diff, correct? You can keep music to disco dance*

BBhelay said...

this is so cool! and with separated tracks! gratefulness.