Saturday, 28 September 2019

Argo ‎– "Discophonia" (Мелодия ‎– С 60—15173-4) 1981

After the copyright action taken against me by Hungarian Proggers Omega,I've lost my thread,so i've fallen back to the default setting of Iron curtain disco weirdness.Probably knocked up under order by a couple of Red Army Generals and a few huge Soviet made tube driven synths...hence the incredible warmth of the electronics.
I can just imagine hearing the medals rattling down at the KGB disco,as the higher ranking officers mingled with the conscripts in a frantic sea of Khaki's, greens and greys. Jackboots stomping on the state provided underlit floor a la Saturday Night Fever.
"Who says vee don't know how to have zer Fun" seeths a KGB colonel in his dress uniform.Grating his moulded asbestos false teeth, sparks leaping from the tendrils of his wirey eyebrow hair,reaching for someone or something to grab like a parasitic climbing plant.
If you wanted to dance without marching in columns in a land where The Bee Gees were least the CCCP didn't get everything wrong?...then the state record label Melodiya  could provide you with a pure uncorrupted socialist version of Disco for the people. No elitest band picture, no song titles, just 40 minutes of weird low tempo electronic muzak to sway to then go home to your apartment block,or barracks before the curfew. 
"We don't go to Discos because its easy, we go to discos because it is hard" said JFK, and the Soviets agreed.Its certainly a challenge to dance to this stuff, where standing still is a popular option,a real floor emptier,....unless a western spy is present then "YOU WILL DANCE!" gunpoint if necessary.The best dancer will receive a Hero of the Soviet Union medal.
All together now...."Deeeeeskooooo" some unnamed Lithuanian consript hisses on track A1.


A1 7:55
A2 4:30
A3 3:28
A4 3:41
B1 7:44
B2 6:20
B3 4:52

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rev.b said...

"Look, I have rainbow coming out of trousers." *pink flashing mind control disco ights at the ready*