Sunday, 15 September 2019

Le Orme ‎–"Felona and Sorona / Felona E Sorona" (Deluxe Edition) 1973

The resplendent statues on the sleeve emit a certain 'Concentration Camp Chic' that suggests......"Art". So, beware, this could well be a Concept album about two planets which revolve around each other, without ever coming into contact. While Felona is shiny and flourishing, Sorona is dark and home to plagues and catastrophes,like Brexit and Trump-ism: however, in the second part of the suite, the fate of the two planets are inverted.Perfect fodder for anglo-prog doom merchant Peter Hammill to translate the Italian lyrics into English for the Anglo-Saxon market.....which he did.....shit, now I know what they're singing about!!!!?
Like Van Der Graaf, Le Orme were/are a trio who make a gloomy form of dramatic Prog that is very reflective of these polarized times in which we exist.
Another certified Italian Prog classic with a Science Fiction as tool for criticism element.Yes, as usual with Concept albums,there is a Bad Musical in there somewhere.Just cast those aspersions from your mind and listen to the version that isn't in your mother tongue for safety.Life was better when information was severely limited.Mystery is an under-rated concept,just as this album is an under-rated concept......album.


Disc 1 : English Version:

1.1 In Between
1.2 Felona
1.3 The Maker
1.4 Web Of Time
1.5 Sorona
1.6 The Plan
1.7 The Balance
1.8 Return To Naught 

Disc 2: Italian Version:

2.1 Sospesi Nell'incredibile
2.2 Felona
2.3 La Solitudine Di Chi Protegge Il Mondo
2.4 L'Equilibrio
2.5 Sorona
2.6 Attesa Inerte
2.7 Ritratto Di Un Mattino
2.8 All'infuori Del Tempo
2.9 Ritorno Al Nulla


Fernfrequency said...

Sounds like an interesting listen however link is DOA. Any chance of a re-up?

Jonny Zchivago said...

Nah!...try again.If you have a few go's at downloading Mediafire let you through...usually as little as two go's.Its just an obligation to link to Scamazon.

Fernfrequency said...

Bingo! It worked and yea f.u. Scamazon!
I plan on sinking my ears into this interesting Italian gloom prog which btw fits the weather out in my neck of the woods perfectly.Ciao!

rev.b said...

Another example of if doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result is a sign of insanity, then explain why it works?!? I'd rather be an insane success than a sane failure. Wait a minute, Isn't that philosophy the way we ended up with the trump/boris plague? Life's so damned contradictory...

Moahaha said...

I remember downloading the Peter Hammill-version as well as it was... Peter Hammmill but I didn't listen through even once. Knowing the basic concept(s) is fine I guess but all these words and sentences just gets in the way of the music - most of the time. Love this though - the whole atmosphere.

northfieldhat said...

That is not a sign of insanity. (All too many wrongly state that's the "definition" of insanity, which by repetition becomes ironic) That's just something Einstein said in frustration in a letter to a colleague about an experiment they had done many times, always with the same results.
As you can see, with mediafire, very quickly, you get different results.

And this is my favorite electric Le Orme album. It's humble. It doesn't try to be BIG.

Softshoebanana said...

I've loved this album for years....never heard the English version but i'll give it a go.