Thursday, 5 September 2019

Guru Guru ‎– "UFO" (Ohr ‎– OMM 56 005) 1970

Probably my favourite Kraut Freak-out album from Rocks golden era is "UFO",This is how to abuse an electric guitar,whilst walking a delicate line between control and chaos,with a loose but tight rhythm unit rumbling along behind the electric storm clouds of Ax Genrich.
The sister of a now deceased German friend of mine, Uli, who looked not unlike a member Guru Guru; told me at his funeral, that Mani Neumeier  (the drummer of Guru Guru)once suggested that she have sex with him.A request to which, she understandably refused vigorously.Looking at the band pictures its a wonder any of these Free Rock legends got laid at all.
From this peak,they slowly decended that well trodden down escalator to Jazz Rock Hell.


A1 Stone In 5:42
A2 Girl Call 6:15
A3 Next Time See You At The Dalai Lhama 6:10
B1 Ufo 10:15
B2 Der LSD-Marsch 8:25


Wolfgang said...

Well, they had to fly to India to have sex. They shared this woman, the only one ever that allowed them to touch her:

But still they had to pay lots of money, of course.

Anonymous said...

Going to give your "favourite Kraut Freak-out album" a listen. Pretty much all my Krautrock collection is in LP form and I have no working turntable and this is one of them. I haven't heard it in close to 20 years, many thanks!