Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Garybaldi ‎– "Astrolabio" (Fonit ‎– LPQ 09075) 1973

Now this is yer proper ever shifting Progressive Rock,with the emphasis on the 'Rock', over two side long tracks.The format any good Prog album should have. 
There's less of that 'Jesus Christ Superstar' singing which is a major plus point. So now you can compare and contrast with debut LP 'Nuda',which has been labelled 'Shite!'by certain quarters...saucy cover art though.
I don't have anymore public humiliation stories that i can connect with this one.....although the 'Labio' part of the title gives me a few cheeky ideas that I will refrain from using for the sake of my diminishing dignity.


1.Madre Di Cose Perdute

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