Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Garybaldi ‎– "Nuda" (CGD ‎– FGL 5113) 1972

I know what you're thinking, "PHwoooaaaarrrr!", right?

Knowing the average Prog Rock enthusiast, he won't have a girlfriend.Needless to add, a young lady blessed with the looks like the one portrayed on this wonderful triple gatefold sleeve, would not be interested in a greasy haired geek with a 'Yes' T-shirt tucked neatly into his high waistbanded jeans.Oh No.
So, what better way to sell your Progressive Rock albums than putting an artists impression of what he's heard a pretty young lady would look like ,if he'd ever seen one, and plaster it all over the sleeve of your greatest work. 
I dread to think what went on in that bedroom behind the door with a sign that said 'Mum and Dad KEEP OUT!', as this Italian Prog magnum opus blasted out of his accurately placed state of the art speaker system. I suggest a box of kleenex would have vanished within 24 hours.
I recall an incident back in the nineties, when I still went out, a young lady who looked not unlike the untouchable nymphette on the cover from a gang of similarly gifted fillies.Raced across the busy road that separated us in her stilletos, ripped off my hat and screamed..."Hey look.....A GARY BALDY", as she slapped the top of my bald head like Benny Hill did to that shrivelled up old guy in his TV shows.
"HaHAHAAAAAAAA" she guffawed, echoed by her possie of mildly inebriated followers, who, you guessed it also wanted a go.
I warned that the next one who does that will get a kick up the fucking arse.....you could say things like that in the nineties!
My humiliation was not complete however, as one of the other spice girls suggested that I was the lead girlies type,but the wrong colour!? To which she grabbed my crotch and proclaimed,rather disdainfully...."Hmmmmm, Not bad!",then suggested i follow them to some terrible night club.
"As charming as the invitation was,I'm expected elsewhere,sorry", I retorted,but sadly tempted(i'm a man, flesh and Blood).Clutching onto my last shard of self-respect we went our separate ways.

As for 'Nuda', the singing is atrocious, the singer was described as having an 'unusual/unique singing style'....you can say that again.
Now that its been pointed out, Italian rock singing is not unlike a cat enduring being swung around in a circle by its tail,complete with doppler effect and those apalling cat in a centrifuge distress sounds that the worlds second most popular pet emits from time to time.
I used to tune these vocals out, but now, thanks to the comments section (yeah Thanks lads!), a door has been opened, and I can only hear the singing, goading me, mocking me.
The music ,however ,is fantastic...as rock goes....you don't get better played,arranged,with Ooodles of light and shade, than this stuff.
But the Vocals are shite, and there's NO MELLOTRON!!!!!?


A1 Maya Desnuda
A2 Decomposizione, Preludio E Pace
A3 26 Febbraio 1700
A4 L'Ultima Graziosa
Moretto Da Brescia
B1a Goffredo (Introduzione)
B1b Il Giardino Del Re (Intermezzo)
B1c Dolce Come Sei Tu (Epilogo)


Pisŧöff said...

What a horrible story. Worth a packet of crisps, tho'.

northfieldhat said...

Robert Fripp produced the Centipede album, but became so engrossed, he neglected to play on it.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Sadly, i'm anybodies for a packet of cheese and onion crisps

Jonny Zchivago said...

Fripp....always the conceptualists conceptual guitarist. Just being present is music enough.

Anonymous said...

It’s to Bob Fripp’s credit that he understands sometimes the best thing to play is nothing. It does seem that if one has a female phobia, prog is the best music for you!! This album is used as the front page of one of the music blogs on my list. I’ve never heard it or tried to hear it, but I rekkin’ I will now. As for that Benny Hill head slappin’ lady, it just goes to show, once again, men have no clue what might interest a woman, never have. We think it must be buff bodies, fast cars and the like. They like your big ol’ shinny bald noggin. My missus thought I must be okay because I had cats. Not sure if by declining her invitation to ‘party’ you missed the night of your life or contracting an STD you’d still be dealing with. Cheese and onion crisps… See? You do have better food there!

Steve said...

Always felt this LP was a pile of shit. 40+ years later,it sounds even worse. Astrolabio was a gem though, THE high mark in non-classically influenced spaghetti rock. Bambi Fosatti's Hendrix impression really shines through on 'Setti.'

Anonymous said...

I was thinking 'biscuit' actually! :)

Jonny Zchivago said...


Steve could be very right about "Astrolabio"....less singing for a start,but less to stimulate my writing skills or non-skills.
Its up next.

Anonymous said...

Not sure if this might be interesting, but I think that the drawing on the cover is by Guido Crepax, an Italian artist known by his comics with a high erotic content and his female character, Valentina. I had completly forgotten about those comic strips... But now I think about, probably you would love the comic strips by another Italian artist from the same period, Guido Buzzelli. I remember a book named 'Zil Zelub', which is really worth, completely crazy and bizarre. Make a search using Google Images, and you will have an idea... Cheers, J.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Yeah Buzzelli is good. This is what my daughter is into, i'll point her in the Buzzeli direction.Cheers.