Tuesday, 17 September 2019

New Trolls ‎– "Concerto Grosso Per I New Trolls" (Cetra ‎– LPX 8) 1971

As the Three Billy Goats Gruff gazed over the bridge at the fresh green grass of Italian Prog from a field where everything musical had been consumed,digested and shat out,leaving nothing but crap, and rap. The New Trolls,and their geeky fans lay in wait for them, to jealously guard their secret and threaten to gobble up any music fan looking for greener pastures.
There is even an elitism in such dodgy quarters as Italian Prog, just as it does/did in Krautrock. A maelstrom of nerds squabbling as to who was into it first, and who knows the most obscure Progressivo Italiano band......who's more Kraut or Italiano than thou.That 'I was a Kraut before you was a Kraut' bollocks!
Well, like Little Billy Goat Gruff,who trotted jauntily over the bridge,and left his brothers to be chomped down by the Trolls like an old twix,the fresh green shoots of an ignored genre lie awaiting in the lush fields of Italian Prog. Yes,the grass is always greener on the other side of the bridge,but consume too much and it can make you violently ill....so beware! Like 'Krautrock', it most certainly ain't all good......but this film soundtrack collaboration with composer Luis Enriquez Bacalov is certainly reclining comfortingly in the 'Jolly Good' pile.
Its very much a blend of symphonic Prog Rock Italiano style and lush Morricone-like strings, swirling lushly in the breeze like the long green grass of the field beyond the bridge in that popular Norwegian Fairy Tale.At the same time there is a certain cheesiness that could find it filed alongside James Last in the loungecore section.
Don't let the Prog Trolls keep it to themselves.


1.Allegro 2:15
2.Adagio (Shadows) 4:50
3.Cadenza - Andante Con Moto 4:10
4.Shadows (Per Jimi Hendrix) 5:30
5.Nella Sala Vuota 20:25

6.La Prima Goccia Bagna Il Viso (part 1) 3:54
7.La Prima Goccia Bagna Il Viso (part 2) 4:43

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