Sunday, 1 September 2019

A.R. & Machines - "AR3" - (Zebra Records) 1972

I may change my mind tomorrow but, I reckon this is the best one of the Reichel and Machines albums.Sounds like more of a group effort than the others,hypnotic and even rocking at some points.The birth of Shoegaze I suggest,or Glenn Branca before Branca? Theoretically, theoretical before the Theoretical Girls were even Girls? Keine Deutsche Welle (thanks Walter) or Deutsche No Wave?..... or probably just standard German early seventies motorik space rock?......with echo_boxes.
Yes, I Like It!?


1.Warum Peter Nur Noch Ferien Macht 7:26
2.Tarzan’s Abenteuer Im Sommerschlußverkauf 5:20
3.10 Jahre Lebenslänglich 7:26
4.Die Tochter Des Frostriesen 2:19
5.Die Eigentümer Der Welt 6:46
6.Heute Ist Es Wärmer Als Draussen 3:15
7.Auf Deutsch Heisst Das Gewissensbisse 3:49
8.Wie Ich Mir So Ich Dir 2:20
9.Alles Geht Nach Goa 5:20


Walter said...

Hi, "German No Wave" would be "Keine Deutsche Welle" (Has a nice ring to it, I think) ...
And to my knowledge, Achim and Hans Reichel are not related ...
Best regards and keep up the good work!

Jonny Zchivago said...

Thanks for that german lesson.....suitably adjusted.
I'm relieved that the Reichels are strangers in the familial sense.

Anonymous said...

"Glenn Branca before Branca"? OK, got me: I've got to give this a listen. Many thanks.


rev.b said...

I always wondered if they were related. V-E-R-Y familiar with Hans, didn't know diddly about Achim beyond seeing his releases now and then. Certanly been catching up over the past few days, much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

thanks! could you name the source of this? vinyl-rip, bootleg-cd, from the box-set?

Jonny Zchivago said...

Its from a CD...likely a bootleg...certainly not taken from a vinyl rip by the sounds of it...dunno if there was a cassette of this that it cold have been taken off....according to Discogs it don't exist.