Saturday, 31 August 2019

A.R. & Machines - "Echo" (Polydor) 1972

Time for more Kraut echo box rock that you can march to if you're so inclined,but more likely you can pass your smoking drugs around at your slacker party and lose yourself in the swirling repetition.
The Nazis were on the wrong drugs,they took 'Pervitin' en masse apparently,which was an over the counter Meth-Ampethamine that turned one into a sleepless, fearless, fighting machine.Not the kind of Machine that Reichel uses,and definitely NOT to be taken listening to this;But for invading and over-running a neighbouring state with a daring pincer movement in a few days, its perfect.
Hypnotic stuff indeed,except for the inevitable parts where Achim vocalizes into his machine,which is supremely irritating. ...but supposedly intended to amuse?.....wrong!


1 Einladung (Invitation)
2 Das Echo Der Gegenwart (The Echo Of The Presence)
3 Das Echo Der Zeit (The Echo Of Time)
4 Das Echo Der Zukunft (The Echo Of The Future)
5 Das Echo Der Vergangenheit (The Echo Of The Past)

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