Wednesday, 28 August 2019

Ash Ra Tempel ‎– "The Private Tapes Vol. 4" (Manikin Records ‎– MRCD 7014) 1996

They all do it at some point don't they?
Get ideas beyond their station and Go Jazz Fusion!?.......but not the good Jazz Fusion like Miles Davis etc,this is awful Pat Methany style Jazz Rock fusion.Krautrock Legends, Guru Guru also befell this same fate on their 1974 "Dance Of The Flames" album,terrible stuff.Even Zoot Horn Rollo went 'Jazz' on his sole solo album a few years ago, but he's a better guitarist than Göttsching,so he got away with it.Basically, Jazz and electric guitar shouldn't be said in the same sentence.....ever!
I suppose there are some Pat Methany fans who will take offence at my use of their hero as the comparison point for 'awful' on the Jazz Fusion barometer of shite; but thats how it is on these pages.Heaven knows the pain just a few notes of any Methany tunes have caused the boredom sector of my delicate frontal lobe,so he deserves it.
As terrible the first three tracks are, its more than made up for by  repetitive sequencer driven proto-trance number "Niemand Lacht Rückwärts".
Finishing off this episode we have a rather below par Ash Ra Tempel freak out.....sounding...dare I say....a bit Jazzy(!?)in places....not good.


1 –Ashra - Club Cannibal (1979) 14:48
2 –Ashra - Sausalito (1979) 3:40
3 –Ashra - Ain't No Time For Tears (1979) 7:12
4 –Manuel Göttsching - Niemand Lacht Rückwärts (1979) 11:56
5 –Ash Ra Tempel - Dédié à Hartmut (1973) 39:59


Normnoia said...

ashamed Pat Methane-y fan here... feel free to shove a guitar synclavier up his twat. and mine too, since i'll probably enjoy it. i love guitar wankery as much as the next deluded collector of Metal Machine Music reissues but even i can't stand that truly flaccid attempt at cool/edgy-ness Pat made with Thuston Howell The 3rd Moore "Zero Tolerance For Corporate Knob Slobbery".

Jonny Zchivago said...

A Guitar Synclavier!!!?...did that really exist or did some dick brained muso dream it up to tease us 'ordinary' people with its limitless capabilities?
Guitar wankery is fine, but its a delicate balancing act between achieving the exultant heights of guitar craft and ....well...just being a prick.
I gotta hear that Pat and Thurston record....if only to justify my unreasonable stance against musicians and things musicianly whose raison d'etre is basically just to show off because of being ignored as a child.Ignore them as adults as well I say.