Sunday, 11 August 2019

Ananda Shankar ‎– "Ananda Shankar" - (Reprise Records ‎– RS 6398) 1970

"His Name Is Ananda. He's a young man with a sitar and a dream and his name means peace and joy.
He's as Indian as the tradition in which he recieved his education as a classical musician.
But he's excited about Led Zeppelin and Janis Joplin and electronic music. " ....thats what it says in the liner notes anway.

This 'young man with a sitar and a dream' was the funky nephew to the more famous and far more boring Uncle Ravi,who spent most of his later years hanging with the Beatles and fathering scores of illegitimate children all over California.
At least Ananada is a 'proper' indian,and he can play the Sitar properly...if the wanted to;but the real dosh lay in doing naff versions of 'Light My Fire' rather than anything interesting.
I sold this album for 175 quid in the early noughties,before it got reissued on CD. Its Cheesy, its silly, but I do adore the final track rather a lot.Stuff that in yer pipe and smoke it Uncle Ravi. 


A1 Jumpin' Jack Flash 3:40
A2 Snow Flower 3:10
A3 Light My Fire 3:29
A4 Mamata (Affection) 2:50
A5 Metamorphosis 6:49
B1 Sagar (The Ocean) 13:13
B2 Dance Indra 3:49
B3 Raghupati 3:35

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Anonymous said...

You can't beat a slice of sitar strum, it works every time...