Sunday, 11 August 2019

Chim Kothari - "Sound Of Sitar" (Deram SML 1002) 1966

As always Deram got there first with the Sitar-sploitation angle,almost as soon as George Harrison had put his Sitar down after recording 'Michelle',out came "Sound Of Sitar"(Without the 'The's').
They conjured up an 'Indian' bloke called Chim Kothari......a made up name for a white bloke if ever there was one.Although it does sound like he's never actually seen a sitar before,Chim is not as appalling as Rajput and the Sepoy Mutiny.But i'm sad to say that 'Yes', you can indeed have too much Sitar.
I guess they couldn't fit the 'The's' into the title? Surely it should be "The Sound Of The Sitar"? Or maybe its was a clumsey attempt to infer an Indian accent? "Jolly Good and gawd blimey sir,album called 'Sound Of Sitar' mem saab", said that 'blacked up' bloke from 'It Ain't 'arf Hot Mum'....another banned seventies British Sit-Com....'Oh dear, how sad, never mind'(Windsor Davies RIP)


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