Friday, 30 August 2019

A.R. & Machines ‎– "Die Grüne Reise - The Green Journey" (Polydor ‎– 2371 128) 1971

A.R.,also known as Achim Reichel (dunno if he's related to Hans Reichel or not?), bought his echo box in around 1970,and never put it back in the cupboard for at least four years at the start of the seventies.Most people just fart around with their effects in private in their bedrooms,but not Achim....he farts around on magnetic tape, and released it all on vinyl.
You can do virtually anything through an Echo effect and it'll sound great.Something that was discovered early on by Elvis and Sun Records, then later in the eighties by legions of Industrial bedroom dwellers.
Nowadays, everyone has a vast collection of effects pedals,shiney Fender Jazzmasters,and 128 track digital recording facilities, so don't bother buying the deluxe editions of these albums,just do it yourself,and please....keep it to yourself!
The Green journey in this case, is downloading music files as the only Green way to consume music.No packaging, no plastic used,no greenhouse gas producing delivery.....feel smug as you're not part of the problem anymore.Saving the planet by sharing stuff that only exists as 1's and zero's.Lets pat ourselves on the back as the Amazon Rainforest burns,and we listen to some German Hippies get self-indulgent with some effects....that they bought from some music emporium no doubt?...CONSUMERS!!!!



2.In The Same Boat
3.Beautiful Babylon
4.I'll Be Your Singer. You'll Be My Song

6.A Book's Blues
7.As If I Have Seen All This Before.
8. Cosmic Vibration (An Afternoon Concert)
9. Come On, People
10.Truth And Probability (A Lexicon For Self-Knowledge)

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Dolmance said...

That looks like the creature from "Alien" getting ready for a hot date.