Friday, 30 August 2019

Ash Ra Tempel ‎– "The Private Tapes Vol. 6" (Manikin Records ‎– MRCD 7016) 1996

Three Ash Ra tracks, the first of which sounds like some guitar hero wanna be playing along with a home organ enthusiast. The other two are from a concert  in Berlin in 1979, and benefits from some crisp live drumming, but strays into very dodgy Carlos Santana areas that should be strictly Verboten,especially for Carlos himself.
The live classic Ash Ra Tempel line up treat us to a lo-fi recording of Klaus Schulze's last ART concert in Bern from 1971, before going solo.I have no smart arse comments to add to this uninspired piece of blurb...track four's good anyway.


1 –Ashra - Hausaufgabe (1978) 11:47
2 –Ashra - Ice Train (1979) 6:26
3 –Ashra - Phantasus (1979) 5:26
4 –Ash Ra Tempel - Ein Würdiger Abschluss (1971) 54:16

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parmalee said...

For the longest time, I could only appreciate Ash Ra/Ashra with Klaus Schulze. Somehow, both nobody else and everybody else drums quite like that--imagine if he continued down this drumming path, and it just got more and more.. whatever, as the years went on. He makes Klaus Dinger seem really disciplined.