Saturday, 17 August 2019

Peter Cook & Dudley Moore ‎– "The L.S. Bumble Bee" (Decca ‎– F.12551) 1967

One thing one couldn't accuse Peter Cook and Dudley Moore of being, are stooges for the state's anti-subversive operations.
There were obvious aspects of Psychedelic culture that were easy targets, and the silly drug mythology was certainly one of them. I'm sure also that Cook and Moore were not aversed to indulging in these drugs themselves,at least when they weren't totally arseholed on the booze....which is certainly what did for Cook in the end.
These forgotten comedy legends do a perfect job here, walking the thin line between satire and propaganda. In fact a lot of the dumber members of the public were certain this was made by The Beatles in cognito, which it was intended to sound like,so this stupid assumption was not totally misunderstandable; actually its a lot better than most of the Fab Four's psychedelic output.
A lot of the same people also thought that The Residents were The Beatles too.....the same for 'Klaatu' also!!!!.....if anyone can think of anymore secret Beatles projects,feel free to inform us for ,we, the amusement, there of,would be grateful.


A The L.S. Bumble Bee 2:45
B The Bee Side (Spoken Word) 4:44


rev.b said...

Well, there was that song that showed up on bootlegs back in the day called "Have You Heard The Word?" by something called The Fut, who were supposedly the band Tin Tin with acoupla Bee Gees involved. It sorta sounded like them beatles. I first heard this one on a bootleg too, a real live unreleased song, right? Cook and Moore were spot on tho', lifting lots of the boys favorite psychedelic hooks. However, The Residents sure as hell were the Beatles, so was Klaatu, and Paul is dead too. Don’t try to tell me otherwise you bastard. I have EVIDENCE that proves all of it, REAL CLUES goddamnit! “pant-pant-pant” Some people would do well to find more beneficial pursuits to fill their time….

Jonny Zchivago said...

I can't think of any better way to waste my life than indulge in theories about The Beatles, who they were and why. I have a strong theory that John and George are dead and Paul is actually still alive. Ringo, however, never existed.

rev.b said...

Ringo as a figment of our collective imagination. I'll have to obsess on that one this weekend. Makes sense doesn't it. Matter of fact, I think he's got a show coming up near me. Maybe I should go so I can experience the miracle of mass hallucination....