Tuesday, 6 August 2019

Emil Richards & The Microtonal Blues Band ‎– "Journey To Bliss" (Impulse! ‎– AS-9166) 1968

Hey, dig those crazy vibes man.This kat is so hot he's smokin'!!!......smokin' a joint laced with LSD more like. 
Even journeymen Jazzers pushing forty 'Turned on' in 1968.
Another of Bill Plummers mates, and collector of percussion instruments, Emil Richards, Harry Partch style, explored the microtonal spaces between the notes,and had a pletora of modified and home made percussion tools.
Side two of this album has a 'meditation suite' in six parts, to help the hippies find bliss amongst the josticks,or more likely help some Batchelor Pad music enthusiast,who is now married and working in a bank achieve nirvana,then file this away next to his Martin Denny collection.....never to be played again.
Emil narrates us through the more difficult parts, rather like one of those self-hypnosis records we've all sampled for our dark ambient projects.
As Psychsploitation goes, this is actually one of the better attempts,even though it verges on the Exotica blended with popular psychiatry.


A1 Maharimba 2:52
A2 Bliss 4:57
A3 Mantra 4:29
A4 Enjoy, Enjoy 5:51
B1 Journey To Bliss - Part I 3:08
B2 Journey To Bliss - Part II 4:10
B3 Journey To Bliss - Part III 2:52
B4 Journey To Bliss - Part IV 3:10
B5 Journey To Bliss - Parts V & VI 5:18


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rev.b said...

grooovy man!

Anonymous said...

Has that geezer got a fake 'tache, I think he has, that can only mean this is gonna be good...Nice!


Moahaha said...

This is great - but of course I'm always up for narrated hippie/exotica exploring microtonal spaces between the notes.

jazzfan1 said...

Any chance yu can post Emil Richards & the Microtonal Blues Band - Spirit of '76?