Monday, 1 July 2019

The Louvin Brothers ‎– "Satan Is Real" (Capitol Records ‎– T1277) 1959

I used to think that The Exploited was the consummate manifestation of 'Stupid' until I saw and heard this record!This makes wattie and the boys seem like Philosophers.
If that isn't the most Insane album cover ever released on a major label I dunno what is!? Also, I notice that the Louvin Brothers seem to actually be in Hell!?
This kinda stuff frightens the shit out of me.Satan may be 'real'(in fact there's no credible evidence pointing in that direction), but Rednecks are certainly very Real. They exist in a post-cowboy Saudi Arabian style bubble,where you are in serious danger of extreme violence if you're Gay, Black, or a godless Atheist. There's nothing more horrific than Stupidity,and this album is it.
Ira and Charlie Loudermilk were The Louvin Brothers,a bluegrass harmony duo that existed from 1955 until 1963 when they broke up due to Ira's volatile temper.I dread to think what brother Ira, ironically the acronym for a catholic terrorist organistation in Ireland, was capable of if he was confronted by a communist,or any of the usual suspects previously mentioned.Thankfully, Ira met Satan after a car wreck in Jefferson City in 1965,and I doubt he was singing "Are You Afraid To Die" as he smashed through the windshield,just before he found out that Satan and God most certainly are NOT real.


Satan Is Real 3:00
There's A Higher Power 2:21
The Christian Life 2:16
The River Of Jordan 2:17
The Kneeling Drunkard's Plea 2:51
Are You Afraid To Die 2:33
He Can Be Found 2:14
Dying From Home, And Lost 2:46
The Drunkard's Doom 3:14
Satan's Jeweled Crown 2:56
The Angels Rejoiced Last Night 2:18
I'm Ready To Go Home 3:08


Anonymous said...

Wonderful record, wonderful singers! Get hold of Tragic Songs of Life, another brilliant record. Trust me, Milly’s Grandad. said...

Loving (or Louvin') all these insane religious records. Cheers!


rev.b said...

“Rednecks are certainly very Real. They exist in a post-cowboy Saudi Arabian style bubble, where you are in serious danger of extreme violence if you're Gay, Black, or a godless Atheist.”

As one who lives amongst them, I admire your flair for succinctly and accurately identifying the breed Jonny. Well played.

There may well be a god and/or satan in that He seems to make a point of surrounding these rounders with the Gay, the Black, the Atheist., the tolerant, the open-minded. Their hate for all of that, along with the poison Amerikkkan diet they consume (food and media) no doubt promotes the diabetes and high blood pressure they enjoy. Hallelujah brother, there damn-well may be an intelligent design! I feel for all who find themselves targets of this ignorant breed of cattle.

When I was a little boy I remember Charlie, the brother who didn’t splatter his brains all over a windshield, released a song called See The Big Man Cryin’ Mamma. As an adult I’ve come to understand why, being surrounded by the untamed yahoo.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately this download has been removed at mediafire, because the album is commercially available. Not sure if this is something I want to pay for, but would like to hear it one day ;-)

Jonny Zchivago said...

Hi Anon....this often happens ,but if you try several times to download it, mediafire will let you through. It hasn't been marked as copyright material on my mediafire account.......yes ,don't pay for this shit.
If its still the same, i'll upload it to google drive.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, it worked for me this time!