Monday, 29 July 2019

Bob Summers / Mike Curb ‎– "Teenage Rebellion(OST)" (Sidewalk ‎– T 5903) 1967

I can't resist any exploitation records, be it Blaxsplotation, Punxsploitation,Bikersploitation,or,my personal favourite...Psychsploitation.
Invariably made by some very unhip and terminally square daddio's dropping hip talk wherever and whenever they could into the clueless and unresearched scripts,these records and films were a cynical exploitation, not of the teenagers, who wouldn't be seen dead with a copy of "Psych-Out" in their record collections;but of the parents and librarians who read about girls jumping out of windows thinking they could fly,and drug fuelled sexy orgies in the National Enquierer.
Mike Curb was a future Republican Party politician,who made a bit of spare cash exploting youth cults, mainly Biker movies,but he did dabble in Psychedelia,and this fuzz-soaked but hilariously Naffola soundtrack and movie was the result.
King of the Fuzz guitar, Davie Allan, provides the great guitar work, in between Mike Curb's sensationalist warnings about what the 'Now Generation' were getting up to in 1967....mainly, Prostitution, Homosexuality,Godless Sex Orgies, and loadsa loadsa drugs.
I especially like how being Gay is dismissed as some kind of Teenage Revolt that has been chosen.They'll be ok again when they're 21.
I guess all this titilating nonsense was designed to send dad running to the bathroom with some Kleenex,or Mum to retire early to bed with uncomfortable fantasises of lost youth,and a Harold Robbins novel.
One thing's for sure,the Now Generation of yesterday would either have ran as fast as possible to the nearest 'Pot Party', or laughed.
"Hey Pops,i'm Gay,and a prostitute and i'm going to a drug feulled sex orgy...and you ain't invited".......oh lordy, the modern generation huh?

A1 Teenage Rebellion 1:42
A2 Orgy Around The World 2:11
A3 The Geisha Girl 2:10
A4 The French Kiss 1:36
A5 The Young World 1:30
B1 Pot Party 2:15
B2 A Young Girl's Mistake 2:18
B3 The Call Girl 1:04
B4 The Gay Teenager 1:58
B5 Make Love Not War 1:37

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