Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Bobby Beausoleil ‎– "Voodoo Shivaya" (The Ajna Offensive ‎– flame101) 2018

Another recording artist resident in a California State Correctional Facility, is former Manson Family member and Murderer, Bobby Beausoleil. Who is the third artist to be featured on this blog who was sentenced to death. This was commuted to life imprisonment,which it seems Bobby is doomed to see out a full term and die in prison. He was accepted for Parole earlier this year, but the State Governor denied this recommendation.....probably due to his Manson connections.
Manson told Beausoleil to kill, friend and fellow Manson associate Gary Hinman, and to make it look as if the crime had been committed by Black revolutionaries, as part of his ideology that a race war was imminent and part of what he called "Helter Skelter".It got weirder,as Beausoleil stabbed Hinman to death while Hinman was repeating a Buddhist chant.After Hinman, was dead Bob wrote the words "Political piggy" on a wall in Hinman's blood.
As the parole board said:
"On January 3, 2019, a panel of commissioners of the California Board of Parole recommended that Beausoleil be freed on parole.In recommending parole, the panel cited Beausoleil's youthful offender status as being in mitigation to the severity of the crime and stated that during his nearly half-century of incarceration he had devoted himself to creativity and pro-social growth, gradually maturing into a person exhibiting compassion and empathy."

The Tate family cited the fact that Beausoleil had been illegally profiting from selling his music while in prison.
So to help Bobby's defence,as I'm sure some of you Manson worshippers would like to, you can download his works here for nothing.
This is Bobby's latest work,a kind of a new age version of The Blues.The kind of music that David Lynch would love to have in his TV Series or Movies,if he hasn't used any of Beausoleil's work already. Our Bobby has a history working on soundtracks for dodgy directors in his past, notably Kenneth Anger's 'Lucifer Rising' before and after he was banged up for life.
Here's Bobby in his harsh prison conditions.It must be Hell!?


1-1 Hard Road 4:40
1-2 The Subterranean Path 5:05
1-3 The Bones Of My Mind 3:42
1-4 Nature Boy 9:18
1-5 Ghost Highway 8:52
1-6 I Put a Spell on You 13:23
1-7 Jai Kala! 4:04
2-1 Voodoo Shivaya 18:46
2-2 Saundaria Lahari 22:23


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this...I don't remember seeing this, where'd you find it...

rev.b said...

I've seen of R. Stevie Moore that look like this, so if prolific home recording is a harsh condition, then I guess Bobby's enduring a harsh condition. Sheesh.

Laurence Olivier said...

The excursion in outdated overfamiliar transgression continues. Interesting.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Don't wanna be over familiar,but Its freely available on Scamazon Mike, should you be so willing as to give a convicted ,murdery man some spare cash?