Monday, 22 July 2019

Dr. Timothy Leary Ph.D. ‎– "L.S.D." (Label: Pixie Records Inc. ‎– CA 1069) 1966

Dr Timothy Leary on the subject of ....surprise surprise!...LSD!
I wonder if Timbo ever had a conversation about anything else?
I doubt it.
However, his creepy whispery voice has a catatonic quality,and this record ,thankfully without the usual Psychsploitation backing track of Sitar twanging and Tabla spanking, leave Leary's Peter Lorre impression of  a speaking voice clear for sampling for your Trance side-project.

On rear cover: A short review of LSD-25: 
Here are some of the more freqently asked questions. 

How should psychedelic drugs be used? 
What are the 5 levels of consciousness-expansion? What are the sexual visions of LSD? 
Are set and settings important? 
What are the psychedelic drugs? 
Should anyone be allowed to take LSD? 
How long does the drug last? 
Does LSD cause hallucinations? 
Is LSD habit-forming? 
What effects does the drug have? 
Do psychedelic drugs pose a danger? 
Does LSD cause insanity? 
Are there substitutes being sold as LSD? 

The questions are not assigned to one of both sides.

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heeren said...

Actually more of an anti-LSD album with Leary more or less the only proponent. Most famous for the description (authentic or not?) of Brian's horrible 34th trip. Later sampled and used as the backbone for Porcupine Tree's album "Voyage 34".