Sunday, 30 June 2019

Marjoe Gortner ‎– "Bad But Not Evil" (Chelsea Records ‎– CHE-1005) 1972

Being a native of the dark industrial wastelands of the Midlands in the worlds first industrial economy of Great Britain, Country Rock and Americana did not sit comfortably in my understanding.Living in the birthplace of Doom Metal,Black Sabbath is our country music,It took me decades to listen to Country Rock stuff such as Bob Dylan,Neil Young,The Byrds and that singer-songwriter awfulness. At the same time I can get lost in the romance of the American Road Movie.
Marjoe Gortner was once the 'worlds Youngest Evangelist Preacher' between the ages of 4 to 8, and earned hundreds of thousands of Dollar for his parents, before he became an actor,and during his career revival in 1972 recorded an album of rather good Americana country tinged balladry.Under the aupices of Tom Scott, the writer of the marvelously funky theme to 'Starsky and Hutch'.....did i tell you I had a pint with Huggy Bear in a pub in mt hometown of Leicester back in the nineties.....he said 'I Like to meet the people'!?
Marjoe was a celebrity,like Huggy Bear, after a documentary following his revived Evangelist career.So, he had to try and cash in.Especially as he came out as an Atheist and revealed he only preached 'God's Word' for the Cash.....and I don't mean Johnny Cash. either.
Looking at the images on the cover,he just seems to be the perfect manifestation of the mid western bigot, but now we know otherwise, I kinda like this album a lot. I've played it three times so far,which is a rarity for me in these dark days. I may play those religious period Bob Dylan albums next....whats happening to me?

A1 Hoe-Bus 5:05
A2 The Ballad Of Spider John 4:30
A3 Lo And Behold! 4:05
A4 Wind Up 5:35
A5 I'm A Man 3:37
B1 Collection Box 4:25
B2 Glory Glory Hallelujah 3:40
B3 I Shall Be Released 3:10
B4 Faith Healing Remedy (Jesus Is Your Friend) 4:17

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