Saturday, 13 July 2019

Charles Manson ‎– "Commemoration" (White Devil Records ‎– WDCD 3 10666 2) 1994

For fear of starting a new murder cult in praise of George Best lookalike, Charles Manson. Here's one of his most coherant and listenable recordings, made at the Vacaville Medical Facility.
There are some slightly unhinged moments where he appears to be losing it somewhat.Lots of sweary words and suggestions of innocence.Y'know the usual martyr somplex that populate such secure mental facilities.
So if you're one of those suggestable flowers who would welcome Charles Manson as your new personal saviour, and kill for him, look away now.
This collection of Manson's nut house recordings,made between sept 1982 and sept 1984,was put together by yawn-some apologists called Michael M. Jenkins, and James Mason.
Like Manson, they think he is some kind of Philosopher and freedom fighter,a prisoner of war(!?),they say in the hilarious liner notes, and was fitted up by the iluminati to silence his truth.
Ironically this is subtitled 'Commemorating Sixty Years Of Struggle Against Cowardice, Stupidity And Lies.'. The cowardice being why Manson got others to do his killing for him. The lies being everything that comes out of his rancid pie-hole that never seems to stop talking.....primarily about himself,and,of course 'Them'.
The Stupidity, must refer to his inability to understand that to be guilty of conspiracy to murder doesn't necessarily require you to be present at the scene of the crime. The source of his catchphrase of Dude "I didn't Kill Anybody" Maaaaan! And even more stupider because he was placed at the scene of the LaBianca murders, at which he even re-tied the victims because his followers hadn't tethered them together properly enough for Charlie.Duh! 

"Manson's struggle is for Life;not human life but Life Itself!"(Michael M Jenkins aka Twat!)


1 Introduction 0:56
2 The Hallways Of The Always 2:06
3 A Peace In Your Heart 7:11
4 Give Your Love (To Be Free) 7:47
5 Down In Dixieland 1:58
6 Monologue 4:47
7 Walking Through Forever 0:45
8 Reflections 2:20
9 A Tribute To Hank Williams 0:45
10 Be Free (Be To Be Free) 2:35
11 Shakespeare's Clown 1:15
12 Hobo's Lament 5:26
13 Yellow Blues 1:32
14 The Spaceman 3:03
15 A Peace In Your Heart (Reprise) 0:40
16 I'm Free Now


rev.b said...

Corporal punishment was invented for cherub vessels of naked evil like little Charlie Manson. ‘Inin’t he cute?’ Perhaps a good spankin’ would have made all the difference. Then again, having to spend decades in a cell with himself was certainly a diabolical sentence. As with trump and his minions, it’s enough to make an atheist believe in hell.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Well this atheist certainly wishes for a special Hell reserved for extra special cases like Trump and Manson.

Moahaha said...

I won't kill for Manson. He's just too musically disappointing too often - and I rarely find him even accidently entertaining. I'd rather kill for Little Marcy - "A Zombie, A Zombie, Jesus wants me for a Zombie" (well that's what I heard)