Sunday, 7 July 2019

Gundella ‎– "The Hour Of The Witch" (Top Of The Needle Records ‎– AR 1877) 1971

If you're chubby,with a face like a back end of a bus,and have low self-esteem,the fast bus lane to some kind of dilussional cure is to make yourself feel special by pretending you've been abducted by aliens or you have access to special information that no-one else has,like talking with God, or, you can say that you're a Witch.
To listen to this record all the way through is akin to a witch trial.If you die while you listen you're obviously NOT a witch, but if you survive, you almost certainly are, and should be burned alive.
Yes, Grundella is,apparently, 'a Witch'. Decended from the Green Witches of Scotland,but now (as in 1971) resides in Scotlands twin city of Detroit.
The lack of job prospects,and an over consumption of Alcohol and Drugs in both places led to a plethora of unemployed shitkickers to claim they are Witches, or Wizards, or,more dangerously, Singers.
The spells on this album seem to echo Gundella's main problem in life,which is how to snare a Man,and/or Love.
I must add a word of caution if you are tempted to conjure up a new Boyfriend or Girlfriend; be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it!

A1 Gundella Tells You How To Cast A Spell 21:35
B1 The Seven Knob Candle 7:33
B2 Spell To Make A Man Love You (Flower Bulb) 2:54
B3 Spell To Make A Woman Love You (Wax Doll) 4:32
B4 Love Potion (Corriander Seed) 2:16
B5 Spell To Discourage An Unwanted Suitor (Black Rose) 3:00


Jonny Zchivago said...

Liz Love on Face Book said,so i thought i'd stick it up here:"DIE or DIY is my discovery of the year. I surely won't be the only person to point out how much Gundella looks like Susan Boyle."

Jonny Zchivago said...

Glad to hear you've finally discovered Die or DIY? 10 years old in september.......Susan Boyle would have been burned as a witch back in the day, so its no surprise about Gundella's likeness with the hairy Angel herself.