Saturday, 6 July 2019

Rev. Patrick J. Berkery, Ph.D. ‎– "The Rite Of Exorcism" (Crunch Records ‎– CRS-045000) 1974

Ever been to a Funky Exorcism brother?
Well,track one is like the theme music for a Cool Exorcist TV Series,the star of which,someone like Huggy Bear, is filmed, hip-walking down the street like a jive assed John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever mother fucker, for the next smokin' Hot case of demonic possession. Did this exist, or am I possessed by a funky demon?
If it didn't, it should have.
"Leave this body you funky demon motherfucker.....Get OUT...Get OUT...and get Doooooowwwwwwwwnnnnnnn...back to Hell...Praise the Lord!"
The rest of the album of this DIY guide to self Exorcism isn't so dope however.Lots of mumbo jumbo about the Lord JC and shit.But if you've got a demon that needs to be removed(haven't we all?),and you're not a christian,or can't afford a professional, or even just mentally Ill? This is the record for you.
The guy has a Ph.D for fucks Sake! He knows what he's talking about!?


A1 Day Of Wrath
A2 The Story (Part I)
A3 The Lords Prayer
A4 The Story (Part II)
B1 The Story (Part III)
B2 Ron Aimee Fugue

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