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Wavy Gravy ‎– "Old Feathers - New Bird (The 80's Are The 60's Twenty Years Later)" ( Relix Records ‎– RRCD 2032) 1988

Like a hippie version of Steven Kings 'It', Hugh Romney, better know as Wavy Gravy from the Merry Pranksters bus, has been spreading the same kind of redundant Hippie humour since this affront to taste began.
One thing I found more creepy more frightening and not at all funny than Hippies when i was a boy, were Clowns! And Wavy Gravy would have been my ultimate choice for the movie role of 'Pennywise', the evil clown from the aforementioned schlock horror novel,'It'.
Just the tiresome Psychedelic humour is enough to send me screaming into the street begging the nearest policeman to take me into protective custody.
Yeah, there are some obvious anti-social aspects to his routine that one can't disagree with,but who cares what 'I' agree with, I don't!
The title of the album is nonetheless quite accurate,the last thirty years of the 20th century in fact were exactly like the sixties.Full of right on rhetoric about a non-existent rebellion,of the mind if not with direct action.But, the enlightened new breed still carried on feeding the consumer machine,and pushed priorites like the enironment back behind job prospects,'partying' and nice stuff for the house.
Someone else can do it, and that is never gonna change.
He may be a creepy clown, but Wavy Davy has kept some kind of faith in what he says,even if he is stuck in an eternal childhood,even in his eighties.
And why not?


1 The Green Acid At Woodstock 2:32
2 The United States Of Chicago 1:24
3 Nobody For President (A Casual Conversation With The Audience While Putting On My Clown Makeup) 4:20
4 Livermore Or Less / The Mutant Bunny For Peace 3:46
5 Bubbles For Buddah 2:45
6 Harpo's Ladder 5:39
7 How Hugh Romney Became Wavy Gravy And A Tiny Tip Of Texas Went To Heaven 7:38
8 Basic Human Needs 6:47
9 The Perfect High 10:35

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