Saturday, 27 July 2019

"LSD - A Documentary Report" (Capitol Records ‎– TAO-2574) 1966

'A documentary report on the current psychedelic drug controversy!' says on the cover.I dunno whether this docu-album was conceived,to spread fear about LSD or promote it? Certainly to cash in a little at least.It was recorded and assembled by Capitol Records to,allegedly, strive to achieve a balanced, creditable report on LSD use. The descriptions,and recordings of,so-called, 'Bum Trips', and the photographs that include a young lady looking longingly out of a window while 'tripping' suggests this is a subtle attempt to counter the counter-culture claims of the benefits of acid.
Despite the images undeniably chosen to portray the fad as a kind of 'Madness', the reality is that the narrator is as square as the kids themselves.With certain exceptions, drugs in general open the down escalators of perception for the naturally unenlightened,people without a clue how to do anything off the straight and narrow.The extent of their trips were more or less akin to a chemical fairground ride.......'Groovy, look at the colours in that painting,its like its mean wow!' indeed.Now you can be as square as you were before, but with added chances of paranoid schizophrenia to impress your friends with.
Its all quite quaint and dated of course.And the wide-eyed enthusiasm of some of the 'teenagers' interviewed is charming.
Awwwwww she's on LSD bless her little cotten socks.
Naturally, there are the obligatory appearances of Dr Timothy Leary, and Alan Ginsberg,with merry prankster Neal Cassady and the Greatful Dead(as spelt in the handy glossary on the sleeve)providing the music,backed up with their victims, some tripping teenagers. What a bum trip daddio.


A The Scene
B The Trip


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