Friday, 12 July 2019

Charles Manson ‎– "The Way Of The Wolf" (Pale Horse Incorporated ‎– PH0013) 1999

The thing about hippie with guitar music, is that you're supposed to listen to the words maaaaan,listen to the wooooooorrrrdddddddsssss!
Certainly Chuck thought of himself as a philospher and a poet, but its just sounds like a jumble of confused nonsense to me......don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with confused nonsense, in fact I love confused nonsense maaaaaaaaan. As long as the purveyor of such nonsense doesn't think he's Shakespeare ,Plato and Che Guevara combined. Which Charlie ,being a mentalist with delusions of grandeur, does...or,did, being dead'n'all mutherfuckers!
Nearly everything Charlie Maddox says or sings has one wondering what the Fuck is he going on about!?
Of course, his 'fans' will say 'that's because its way above your head maaaaaaaaan.Too deep for your mother fucking mind to comprehend'. I dig that Manson is against the man maaaaan, and their system maaaaan, and an environmentalist as well as just a mentalist.That's why he uses the paranoids catchphrase 'They' a lot when he tries to explain who his imaginary enemy is. 'They' being the 'Man' and other obvious forces of oppression.
I very proud to say that 'I ain't Cool' to this garbage,but the environmental kick is something everybody should be into, even cult leaders or mass murderers.
This album contains more Manson Music and some bonus conversation recorded on cassette in jail in the 1980s, and smuggled out to sell to useful idiots like me.It's just interesting to get an insight into the mind of a maniac,and a peek into the prison existence of a lifer.The banality of the 'Prison Coversation' that concludes this collection,is intruiging.The phrase, 'The Banality Of Evil' was used to describe Adolf Eichmann,but it can easily be applied to Charles Manson also;but what else does one do during ones incarceration?
I notice he talks about 'The Ranch' a lot.If only he didn't conspire to kill innocent people and start a race war he would still have been on his ranch,playing his chugging hippie folk tunes to adoring dumb young ladies and even dumber males.
But whats certain is that no-one would have ever heard his music,or even his name outside of 'the Ranch', not even The MAN, maaaaaan.


1 In Your Music Mind 4:14
2 I'm Doin' Fine/Stars/Friends 6:56
3 Dream Train/My Oklahoma Angel Love 3:23
4 Indian War Song 1:37
5 ATWA: Message To The People Of The Earth/Computer Perfection 13:04
6 Universal Law 7:19
7 Blind Sky 1:26
8 All In The Motions 2:53
9 In The Infinite Mind 3:00
10 Red Snake 7:34
11 Eternal Wind 2:33
12 Dead Grass Growing In The Garden 2:07
13 Major 2:38
14 Prison Conversation 7:43


rev.b said...

I'm so glad he's dead I could just shit. Another good argument for post-birth abortion.

rev.b said...

He weren't no Jandek...... neither was David Koresh, Jim Jones or any of these fuckers. They all gone/g'wine to hell. Heledujuwah!