Monday, 8 July 2019

Barbara, The Gray Witch ‎– "Barbara, The Gray Witch". (DEA Records ‎– 1D-1001) 1970

I could have sworn that was Mick Ronson on the cover, but no,I was very much mistaken, its a Gray Witch called Barbara, or is it pronounced Brabrah? The Gay Witch???
Phwoooarrrrr....'Witchcraft has never looked better' it says, maybe Brabra should change her name to The Bottle Blonde Witch, to suit her Prostitute Chic image....very saucy.....or should I say, sorcery?
Brabrah is exploting her cheap sexuality to lure dunbass men, like a Sex Worker Pied Piper, to the black arts, or in this case, the Gray Arts, and I don't mean to take part in a pensioners painting class.
Of course, Gray witches are a balance between White Witches,or 'Good'Witches, and Black Witches,which are, predictably,'Evil' Witches.
Anyway,these very very ordinary people aren't really Witches, they just say they are to make them feel 'special', to enhance their low self-esteems.Its all rather silly in fact. Especially 'Cool' witches like the lovely Brabrah.
Music-wise, there are a few strange songs scattered between Brabrah's hip-witch talk that seem to have an early electronic score by Stockhausen as a backing track.Rather good I have to say.....or have I been bewitched by Brabrah's dulcet tones,or wicked spells?
Yes mistress,I'll give it Four pentagrams out of Five for effort.Now... GET OUT OF MY MIIIIIIINNNNNDDDDDDD!!!!!!


A1.1 Modern Witchcraft 5:29
A1.2 Witchcraft Facts 5:42
A1.3 Witchcraft Surprises 5:07
A1.4 Childhood Questions 5:52
B1.1 Adult Questions 4:18
B1.2 Witchcraft Tests 6:38
B1.3 Contacting Spirits 5:00
B2.1 Doe-Dee 2:45
B2.2 Be Cool 2:59
C1 Black Witchcraft 2:13
C2.1 Me-O-Me 2:59
C2.2 Black Necessities 1:42
C3.1 Demayo-Demío 2:09
C3.2 Black Occult 9:40
C4 Domé 2:38
D1 White Witchcraft 7:25
D2.1 Shamoo-Ra 2:36
D2.2 Gray Witchcraft 6:13
D3.1 Witch's Love Song 2:51
D3.2 Gray Responsibilities 3:41


Anonymous said...

Many tnaks!

northfieldhat said...

That's a man, baby!

Moahaha said...

As I commented earlier, Shoko (and more) inspired me to compile a "cult-mix", and here it is. You'll probably hate most of it as its mostly kind of hippiesh. But its rather dark though:

(Barbara's Me-O-Me was the last tune I included so it seemed appropriate)

Jonny Zchivago said...

You know I'm a sucker for cults, and the dark.
This will be the soundtrack to my working day to remind me that there are worse things than working.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, had a quick listen on youtube to the first track and am curious.