Tuesday, 28 July 2020

Penderecki - Don Cherry & The New Eternal Rhythm Orchestra ‎– "Actions" (Philips ‎– 6305 153) 1971

You know you've made it into the pantheons of recognition when you're only referred to by your family name......like Beethoven,Coltrane, and Collins (Phil). Penderecki gets in there, but alas, the great Don Cherry never is reffered to as simply "Cherry".He's far too self-effacing for that.He just gets on with it and is comfortable as an ignored Jazz also-ran.
This sounds like predominantly a "Cherry" record to me,but Penderecki gets to be named first on the front cover.
Plaudits go out to our favourite Polish avant-gardiste, for having anything to do with losing control to a bunch of seasoned improvisers. Normally those who write stuff down don't allow self-expression as part of their scripts,notable exceptions includes Cage(who also gets the surname treatment I notice).
This is a wild excursion into feral free Jazz territory,that can only enhance the legend of both Penderecki and, yes....."Cherry".Just don't let his screechy step-daughter sing on it....... pleeeeease!


1.Humus - The Life Exploring Force 18:36
2.Sita Rama Encores 4:17
3.Actions For Free Jazz Orchestra 16:33


Anonymous said...

Cool - thanks JZ

Ian said...

And then there is that other pantheon of those who are referred to singularly by their first name only--Iggy, Keith, Bob amongst them. Miles maybe.

Jonny Zchivago said...

I'm struggling to think who Keith is?.....Jarrett? Levine?.....Bob?....surely that's just 'Dylan'? Miles is a rare one who straddles the genres of acceptability.Then we have the nickname ones, Bird....Trane...and....yes... Iggy!

Ian said...

@Jonny Zchivago: that Keith would be Mr. Richards, of course. If I'd written Keef you'd have gotten it immediately.