Wednesday 22 July 2020

Various Artists ‎– "Electronic 2000 (Philips ‎– 6585 007) 1971

While everyone in the British Isles were inexplicably making music everyone wanted to listen to and pay enormous amounts of money to its creators for the privilege, the also-ran nations were releasing compilations of serious minded weirdness  by even more serious looking librarian types and university lecturers. The Netherlands being one of the main culprits;making music no-one wanted to listen to, never mind pay for. This compilation,one of thousands from the same epoch with the word 'Electronic' in its title, is a case in point,bringing together Librarians from all over the world to appear on an evocation of what we would all be dancing to in the RollerDisco by the year 2000......which was, and still is the Future, where good taste in Electronica resides.
Back in 1980,which I also mistakenly thought was 'the Future', the year 2000 seemed unimaginably far away,and one could only wonder at what magic awaited us in the ensuing 21st century........i think you know where this is going?........indeed what treasures have we been spoilt with in the first two decades of the Two Thousand's......Twerking, free internet porn for the starving,Kanye West, instant information on what Kim CarKrashian is doing in any given second, Cars that all look the same,but still use the internal combustion engine and rubber tyres, trains that can get you anywhere you want to be late in, as quickly as possible.......I could go on,but basically fuck-all has changed fundementally since 1980.Except, easier acces to the kind of prescription medication that you can see in blurry form on the cover of this aural prediction on plastic.......a recorded medium that we thought would never survive the Millenium,but twenty years hence is now the fastest growing seller in this shrinking market. One advancement is that super-rich pop stars are now endangered species,'cus we can get all their rip-off product for freeeeee, just like those poor little starving kids in africa can now all access freee pornography.
One prediction that has certainly gone wrong, is that we'll all be listening to Penderecki by 2012, and dancing to Luctor Ponse in the skool disko by 2008-ish.
Almost true......male record collectors now chew their arms off to get hold of a vinyl copy of this album,and others like it, to impress male record collectors.

What??.....the record?.....oh yes.....its dead good.
Track 1 is your typical Japanese groaning woman intersperced with Hitler speeches over an electronic know the one Beyoncé wanted to do a cover version of.And the type of record that many an Industrial Artist ripped off and made their own,whilst at the same time moaning that illegal downloading was costing them money???
The rest is quite simply,just as good,especially the rampant use of a short wave radio on track 4, and could clear a room of K-Pop fans in nano-seconds.
It is therefore highly recommended to download this for Freeeee,and deprive these musique concréte masters of the same one quarter of one percent of the profits that you are denying Feargal Sharkey of everytime you illegally download 'Teenage Kicks'.


A1 –Toshiro Mayuzumi- Mandara 10:20
A2 –Krzysztof Penderecki- Psalmus 5:05
A3 –François Bayle- Solitioude 6:30
B1 –Luctor Ponse- Radiophonie I 6:01
B2 –Milan Stibilj- Rainbow 7:00
B3 –Bernard Parmegiani- Générique 2:20
B4 –Jos Kunst- Expulsion 9:00


titus luxor said...

Just found this blog. Very funny. I like it. Not sure I'd DL much but that's not important. I blog here:

Jonny Zchivago said...

Yeah Its funny Titus.
What's Funnier is that Luxor was the name of a night klub I used to hang out at in the nineties to pull women.
What's even funnier than that is that there are people out there who take this shit real seriously.

kevinesse said...

you magnificent bastard! thank you!

kevinesse said...

just checked luxor blog.....the feeling is mutual i'm sure.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Yeah I checked it too....left a comment on the signed Steve Hackett that impressed me somewhat. The anti-trend nature of it all was not what I wanna Know is(without reading that book,didn't get where I am Today by reading stuff)....was steve hackett 'posh'?

parmalee said...

Dammit! Now I'm gonna have to read yet _another_ Genesis bio. Mike Rutherford's auto wasn't bad, and Phil Collins' was awesome! I have a very compressed mp3 of the master himself reading it, if anyone's interested. I think it's a sign of maturity when you finally realize that Johnny Rotten is a shit and that Phil Collins was _always_ cool, even if he recorded a thousand more "Sussussudio"s and "I Can't Dance"s.

Jonny Zchivago said...

As a late comer to the marvels of Genesis,.... I was a victim of would be interested in a compressed version of the Collins biog.

Philip Johnson said...

Luxor Press were publishers of erotic paperbacks in the Sixties and Seventies, when their titles sold for three or four times the price of a Penguin Modern Classic or even a Pan Book of Horror. They had a great uniform style of cover design.

titus luxor said...

hey! why bring up my past life in 'art literature'? I've done my time. I've paid my debt to society