Friday, 9 November 2018

Various ‎Artists – "Cabbage Part 2" (Cauchy Productions) 1985

Not Cabbage from Brussels,but somewhere called Melsele in fact(?);and not strictly a compilation of Belgian artists either;but it IS on a long defunct  Belgian cassette label that compiled musicians from anywhere,from any musical pigeon-hole, that would be willing donators.
For example we have Mans Hate from Peterborough UK, If Bwana from the Sound Of Pig stable,USA. Het Zweet from the Nether regions, Zan Hoffman from Kentucky......oh....and,naturally, a load of Belgians and other flemish types.
The Cabbage compilations came in four parts, this being numjber two obviously; and you can get Part 1 HERE and 4 HERE and if you are curious........Part three is notoriously hard to if anybody out there has it?...etc!


A1 –De B.B.O.- Radio Ventraal
A2 –The Voodoo Sex Atom - You Speak Well My Dear
A3 –Man's Hate - Old Men In Drag
A4 –M.A.L - The Wanderer
A5 –If,Bwana - Desert March
A6 –Collectionism - We Are All Children Of God
A7 –Asmodaeus - Second Time Is Different
A8 –Cauchy 138 - Obligation
A9 –Zanstones - Green Waiter
A10 –Narzisse - But That's For Later (Excert)
B1 –Unovidual - Silent Shadows
B2 –Magthea - Neptunes Wakes Up
B3 –Het Zweet - Wall
B4 –Ratbau - Show Me How
B5 –JD3 - Fear On Trial
B6 –Moz-Art - Trash Around The Clock
B7 –Man's Hate - The Action Men Are Rotting
B8 –OB Minimax - Eegah!
B9 –Collectionism - Side Effect (Excert)

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hepatman said...

This one is not so bad. I like "Second time is different". Plus, the "Uh" in "Show me how" :)