Thursday, 22 November 2018

Snowy Red ‎– "The Right To Die" (Dirty Dance ‎– 12002) 1982

Snowy Red aka Marcel Thiel aka Mikey Mike from Belg-Punkers Chainsaw, tells us about the 'Right to Die'. Which is ironic because our Snowy has ,in fact, exercised this very right in 2009, and left this mortal coil to sing with the choir invisible. He is an ex-synthesist, or is he just resting?(Parrot Sketch reference).
Snowy/Marcel/Mikey is, however, Immortal, mainly due to this LP of cold wave electronic minimalism.
We are all biological machines,so it makes sense that to accurately convey the Human condition in the medium of music,machines are the natural tool;in this case the machines being synthesizers.
If i'm allowed to quote Wolfgang from the comments section of Snowy's first album,in reference to track 7 "lies in your Eyes": "Is this the perfect translation of existential angst into music?"(he thought to himself in his native german)......well I reckon it is anyway. Cold electronics have a ruthlessness that emulates natures pitiless path to ensure that nothing gets out of here alive.Our souls appear from nothingness, alone, and we all make the return journey equally alone.Together with our fellow machines,we flesh out this loneliness as best we can to avert malfunction,trapped inside our meat cages.Struggling to make sense of our brief tenure on this lonely rock.Like those super computers/robots in Star Trek that Captain Kirk destroys by arguing simple logic loops.....what is our purpose?...but we have no purpose but to discover our purpose,therefore we do have a purpose. this is purposelessness....does not compute...error ERROR!
This is why we invented GOD.Simple answers to complex questions....just like this simple music is some of the most complex ever produced.Mozart really did use too many notes.


A1 Euroshima (Wardance) 4:22
A2 Nowhere 3:40
A3 I'm Hurt 2:40
A4 Never Alive 3:12
A5 Relax 4:51
B1 Opium 4:07
B2 Lies In Your Eyes 7:45
B3 Madman 3:58
B4 The Right To Die 4:35


Zopo Eighties Reünie said...

Well thanks for good download of this beauty. Have it somewhere on an old HDD which is dusting away somewhere in the attic. Who needs HDD's in 2018 when you can put mega gigabytes SD cards in your smartphone. I do not dare to guess which rhythm box was used😚 I love the Residents-like voice in "Nowhere". JohanNL

Wolfgang said...

Isn't it funny how vain people are? Now I am proud that you cited me! :) That's because I really appreciate your outstanding blog and the things you say. To maybe return the present a little I want to state that from all music blogs I know yours is the most interesting to me and the only one I bother to read the posts! One more thing: Is there any chance to post the 5 CD box by Snowy Red with all those rarities? Thanks anyway, Wolfgang

Jonny Zchivago said...

Hello Wolfgang.....if anyone has anything good to say, i'll quote 'em.
Thanks for the 'big up'....when i started this blogging lark, i realised the other blogs never bothered,in large, to write anything vaguely interesting,or amusing, or creative...except for the now defunct 'Creep scanner', which was an influence, one must, glad you bother.

As for the Snowy red box, two of the discs are already on the blog,as in the first two i'll post the remaining three discs over the weekend.
Cheers JZ

Anonymous said...


Jonny Zchivago said...

OK OK, i'm going.....nighty night. XX