Monday 12 November 2018

Jandek ‎– "Houston Tuesday" (Corwood Industries ‎– CORWOOD 0828) 2018

Jandek Monday, Houston Tuesday.Houston we have a problem.....or rather, Jandek has a problem?
Hmmmm, seems that Sterling has ran out of pictures of himself?
I can't imagine that this scene is of anywhere around Houston,but you never know do you? In fact we'll probably never know...period.
It reminds one of those pictures The Moors Murderers had hidden in their locker at Manchester Picadilly station; the ones of an untraceable shallow grave of a missing child,or perhaps the future site of Jandeks final resting place?
These lovely scenes of nature accompany Jandek and Corwood's most recent release by the representative....well,at least at the time of going to press.....there might be another one next week,which would be completely within Jandekian expectations.
This double CD is from a live appearance in his home town of Houston on October 20th 2015.Jandek's on Electric guitar this time,whacking out some improvised meanderings with muse,Sheila, and three local musicans.
This minimal portrayal of the manimal is actually great stuff,it's sophisticated,and almost qualifies the representatives recent output(piano stuff excepted) to be 'Insider Music'?
The outsider may have been accepted by the Cool people (pass me that douchbag?!),but his first 25 years of outstanding outsideness stands as a monolithic cenotaph for those who have fallen along the way in the continuing battle against normality.


1-1 The Wary Stalk 8:38
1-2 In All The Days 6:38
1-3 Just Tell Me 14:54
1-4 Absent Minded 9:05
1-5 Havoc 7:11
2-1 The Story 6:18
2-2 What I Want 7:58
2-3 Everyday You 9:20
2-4 Magic 6:58
2-5 Transfusion 9:23


Deocliciano Okssipin Vieira, aka Ochyming said...

Thank you VERY much!

Marc Plainguet said...

It's looks like it may have been taken at the same location as the recently released "Los Angeles Friday" (which is the one Jandek show I've gone to) so it stands to reason it's probably not either place. Thanks!

kevinesse said...

cenotaph! you magnificent son of a bitch!