Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Snowy Red ‎– "Snowy Red" (Dirty Dance ‎– 12 001) 1981

An absolute classic of the proto-Belgian New Beat era is former Chainsaw bassist's first foray into minimal synth Coldwave, with this eponymously titled debut from 1981.
This is the Belgians equivalent of John Foxx's seminal Metamatic album from the previous year,but slightly less Pop orientated.
The wide snowy spaces between the sparce instrumentation and emotionless voice serve this as a dish colder than well prepared revenge.This glacial functionality (apologies for the dreadful americanism) holds the key to the frightening horror of our existence,like your last thoughts floating in the overwhelming vastness of an empty oblivion.
"Baby Tonight" is dedicated to 'Suicide'(the influential synth duo not the self-destructive act), who were clearly a major influence in Belgium.Especially after the infamous "23 minutes Over Brussels" gig supporting Elvis Costello,which ended in the traditional riot.
Talking about suicide(the self-destructive act not the influential synth duo), track one offers an answer to defeat terrorism forever?......see the funny side of suicide bombers and the pointlessness of their absurb career paths would become clearly apparent to even the stupidist of the morons who want do it.Unless, they are even stupider than we think,which they undoubtedly are;controversial but worth a try surely?


A1 How Funny Are Those Explosions
A2 Don't Lose Control
A3 Still Human ?
A4 Maud Is Dead
A5 Deep Desire
B1 The Wild Boys
B2 Sinkin' Down
B3 Baby Tonight
B4 Blood Blood Blood
B5 Come On Dance

DOWNLOAD a small avalanche of snowy red HERE!


Wolfgang said...

Very well said, Sir! It's funny how you talk about "the frightening horror of our existence". When I heard the fantastic 7:42 minutes long "Lies In Your Eyes" from the follow-up album for the first time I literally asked myself: "Is this the perfect translation of existential angst into music?" (Well, I asked myself in German.)

Jonny Zchivago said...

The Right To Die, is in fact,predictably, coming up next.
This music does have existential angst pouring out of every space.The minimalism leaves room for the darker sections of ones mind to breath.Listening to this stuff ,it makes one realise how alone we really are. Yep...Horrific.

Anonymous said...

thank you johnny

Anonymous said...

Hi Johhny,

Love your dive into the Belgian undergroud. Lots of treasures there.
Maybe a tiny bit too mainstream for your blog, but any chance for New Wave Belgian Class•X? (


Jonny Zchivago said...

Yeah, a bit too 'Now thats what i call music' style compilation, but i'll post a link here for you......most of the bands on there are on the belgian comps i've already featured.....will upload it in a few mins......Good stuff in Belgium weren't there?

Jonny Zchivago said...

Heres the link

Chris Sessions said...

The AB New Beat comps were my gateway drug for a great deal of this music so it's fun watching this Belgian wave unfold. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for the Belgian Club Class-X.
You're right. The Belgian scene in them days was, well, quite interesting.
I'm not from Belgium (I'm from the Netherlands) but we used to listen to Belgian radio all the time, much better than Dutch radio.

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Jonny Zchivago said...

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