Friday, 2 November 2018

Various ‎Artists – "The Whispering Trees (A Compilation of Belgian Cold Wave and Post Punk 79-86)" (Walhalla Records ‎– WR013) 2017

They call it 'Cold Wave' nowadays. The art of angst ridden soullessness delivered with a chilled passionless passion. Joy Division has a lot to answer for; but we are eternally grateful for this legion of copycat miserablists preserved on the end of a rope for this collection of happy-go-lucky Belgian depressives from the beginning of the 1980s.
So,shut yourself in your funerial-themed bedroom and enjoy the sparce, sombre, delights of some vintage low country Cold Wave from the arse end of the cold war era.


1–Secret Life - Passing Day 04:36
2–Siglo XX - Dreams Of Pleasure (Live Bilzen) 05:36
3–Vibø - Clinical Death 04:00
4–Die Rote Fabrik - Murder 04:57
5–Nausea - No Conversation Between People 04:01
6–Struggler - The Other Side 01:59
7–Onderbronders - Vlaamsche Deerne 03:11
8–Trefoil - Tata 03:32
9–Rank Z'Heroes - The Storm 03:49
10–O Veux - A Face A Mask 02:56
11–Entrée En Gare De La Ciotat - In My Arms 02:43
12–De Brassers - Geluiden Tegen Gezag 03:34
13–10 Kleine Snobs - Zomerhit 02:38


Fernfrequency said...

The cover alone makes me want to head dive for a rusty razor blade! Seriously looks interesting now that Im back in sunny climate I need some grey, cold audio angst to soothe my northern sole, soul!

Mrs. Inside said...

I'm loving these Walhalla comps. Thank you!

albrecht koschnik said...

Fantastic compilations ... awful label name ... just how do Richard Wagner and Belgian electronic music go together?!

Jonny Zchivago said...

Well, i'd like to think its purely a Norse God paradise reference rather than anything Wagner?

Swat said...

O Veux’s complete studio recordings from 1982-1986 with additional unreleased tracks one can find & download here: - cheers for Limburg

Anonymous said...

More Walhalla Record stuff commin' up in spring 2021 with a super cool Vibo track (FN Kills)!
Grtz, DM, Belgium.