Tuesday, 20 November 2018

à;GRUMH... ‎– "By The Phone" (Titicaca Records ‎– TTKK 001) 1982

Try asking for a record by à;GRUMH in yer local record store and see the blank faces of the staff before they ask you to leave the premises.
Band names like this are the kiss of death commercially, so that immeadiately makes this couple of Belgian experimentalists 'kool'?.....well maybe not......Kool is for Fools,and these chaps definitely ain't fools.
This cassette is their first recorded appearence,and is nothing like the stuff they went onto produce in the rest of the eighties. Rather than the aggressive electronic body music  they went on to make, this is a kind of Industrial mash up of material reorded over the phone....hence the title. Don't put your leather bikers cap and pvc shorts to dance to this one.....although I'm sure the members of  à;GRUMH did, judging by the rest of their works' themes of agressive Homosexuality,which in itself was quite innovative for its day, pre-AIDS'n'all.


Side A - "Oreille"
Side B - "Ecouter"

DOWNLOAD by the internet HERE!


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These old a;GRUMH.... tapes have been things I've wanted to hear for so many years!! Thank you! If you have any others, I'd be grateful if you would post them.

Chris Sessions said...

Love it, thank you!!!

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